School Counselor Salary

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School Counselor Salary

The earning potential of a school counselor increases gradually in the course of his/her career. Read on to understand various aspects regarding the same.

The need for school counselors in the recent years has assumed a great significance owing to the increasing unrest and behavioral problems among the students. It is not that there were no problems in the past. However, in the recent years, the statistics have shown an unprecedented rise in the cases of violence and drug abuse among students.

The role of school counselors, although not restricted to working in the rehabilitation cases, has hence gained tremendous importance. There are various career opportunities in this field as it is diverse, and the job responsibilities vary greatly. And depending on these diverse job profiles, their salaries vary, as well.

Job Description

The school counselors are people who are responsible for the designing and implementation of counseling programs for the students in schools. The structure and scope of such programs must be addressed to the teachers’ associations, administrative authorities, parents, students, and the shareholders in the educational field.

This helps to establish communication among all people who are an important part of the school organization. Also known as educational/vocational counselors, they provide solutions to the individual and social problems of students. They advocate social, academic, and personal developments of students, and guide them on queries related to higher education.

They conduct interview sessions and aptitude exams to analyze students’ inherent skills. The salary range in this profession has scaled up in the recent years and is competent with that of a school psychologist. The career development path for such counselors is full of opportunities, offering higher level positions in specialized branches of this field.

Salary Range

When it comes to deciding salaries, various market forces govern the earnings of an individual. The pay scale in this field depends on various factors like the educational qualification, school funding, job location, and work experience. It also depends as per the elementary and secondary schools, in which the school counselors are working.

Those having a work experience of around 1 year to 4 years can earn between USD 34,000 and USD 58,000. During the first three-four years, these professionals must work hard to gain expertise and knowledge about the practical dimensions of this occupation. This helps them to establish themselves and prepare a strong platform for the future.

The salary for those having a work experience between 5 – 14 years is between USD 38,000 and USD 68,000. The advanced degrees and certifications make a positive impact on the school management and you may be paid better than the one with less credentials than yours. For those with 20-plus years of work experience, the salary can go as high as USD 89,000.

Depending on the state rules and regulations, the salary is supplemented with some perks and benefits that are added advantage to the teachers. Paid holidays, vacations, sick leaves, and health insurance claims are some of the benefits enjoyed by these professionals.

Once they have established themselves in this field and have made very good contacts, they can start their own independent counseling centers. Licenses and other legal formalities are essential before one starts practicing as a school counselor.

Thus, the pay scale is fairly well and besides this, the job satisfaction derived from helping students and children is in itself a good experience. Instilling confidence and making the students realize their true potential is surely challenging. If you love working with children, kids, and school going students, this can be an apt career for you to choose.

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