School Bus Driver Salary

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School Bus Driver Salary

If you are good at driving and have enough experience, it is not difficult to command a good salary by working as a driver. In this article, we have explained the earning potential of this job.

School bus drivers hold a responsible position of transporting students to and from school, safely. Anybody willing to work either in a part-time or a full-time position can go through this article to understand the salary range that one can expect.

Salary Range

We will first look at the per hour wages. Drivers with an experience of less than a year can earn between USD 10 to USD 14 per hour. Those having a work experience between one to four years get between USD 11 to USD 15, whereas those with a decade-long track record can earn as high as USD 17 to USD 20 per hour. For full-time positions, there may even be an annual pay that ranges between USD 30,000 to USD 40,000 depending on one’s experience.

The person should be trained on the necessary skills of road driving and safety. They need a commercial driver’s license (CDL) that has to be supplemented with an ‘S’ endorsement. The ‘S’ endorsement is a special prerequisite that analyzes the various facets of bus driving. An awareness about some of the important areas such as passenger loading/unloading, emergency evacuation techniques, and safety options are also taken into consideration while determining the salary.

In some schools, depending on various factors, the bus drivers are provided with extra compensation on a monthly basis. Frequent discussions take place between school bus drivers association of various schools and the management about increasing the remuneration. The salary could also depend on factors like location, length of the route, traffic, etc.

Job Duties

A school bus driver should know all the necessary skills of driving, and the road safety techniques. They are responsible for ensuring the proper working of the bus so that there is no problem while commuting. Inspection of the bus, oil level, safety equipment, and water level are some of their duties. They need to adhere to the schedule of the school roster and ensure the safety of the students. Being vigilant and active is an important requirement. They also require loads of patience because they have to deal with children.

While being responsible for the safety of hundreds of children is challenging, the fun part about this job is that you get to be around young and energetic minds.

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