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Sample Teacher Resume

Sample Teacher Resume

A teacher is looked up on as a role model and is entrusted to impart knowledge to the society. It becomes very important then that the resume of a teacher is impeccable and impressive.
Rahul Pandita
While starting your search for a job as a teacher, it is very important that you have an impressive resume and cover letter. Your cover letter should be written keeping the requirements of your employer in mind and for that you need to understand the job description very clearly. Once you have written an impeccable cover letter, the next thing that you need to ensure is that you create a resume that fully portrays your strengths and establishes you as one of the most deserving candidates for the job.

Points to Remember
  • First and foremost, your resume should include your personal details like your name, address, email address, phone no. etc. The name should be written in a larger font so that it stands out on the resume.
  • Your educational degrees should be mentioned next, starting from your school to your latest education degree.
  • Next, you need to sell yourself to your potential employees by listing down your experience. If this is the first time that you are working on a full-time basis, you can include the unpaid teaching activities or some freelance work like teaching at counseling camps etc. If you have no experience at teaching, then you can get mention your special skills in the resume so that you don't lose out in the competition.

Sample Resume

James Morgan
Home Phone no:
E-mail ID:

A teaching position in a elementary school which offers an opportunity to teach young students and contribute to their overall development.

A highly dedicated and passionate individual, specializing in Science and History. Having a rich expertise in providing the best care and education to children aged between 8-11 years.

Bachelor of Science, University of ___________, May, 2004.
Major: Elementary Teacher Education; Discipline: _________.
Major GPA:_______, Overall:________.

Worked from March 2007 to present at ABC Junior College, ________ as a teacher in the Department of Science. The job required teaching students in the area of western civilization and politics apart from assisting in the implementation of student affairs activities.

Worked from September 2004 to January 2007 in the XYZ University as a graduate researcher in the Department of Science. Conducted research in the field of science and promoted research activities of the Department.

Additional Experience
Participated in the community programs in the year 2002 which helped provide tuition and aid to underprivileged children.

Captained the University ice hockey team which reached the semi-finals of Inter-University competition in 2003.

While writing a resume for a teaching job, you have to remember that the resume should clearly communicate your educational qualifications and your experience. When the prospective employer looks at your resume, he should get a good impression about your abilities so that you are called for the interview.

Apart from using the right kind of language in your resume, it is very important that your resume is presentable. The resume should ideally be a one-page document, but if you feel that you are not able to communicate all your qualities in a single page, then you should use a tabloid size paper so that you can fold the page and type both the pages. Do proofread the resume as the last thing a teacher's resume can have is punctuation and grammatical errors. Once you have made sure that you have checked the resume thoroughly, you can send the resume with an impressive cover letter. A good resume enhances your prospects of working at the best organizations, so you need to prepare one which describes your professional qualifications completely and catches the eye of the prospective employers.