Sample Resignation Email

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Sample Resignation Email

Writing a resignation email to your manager or client is pretty convenient if the right format is followed. This article will provide you with a sample resignation email to your manager as well as clients.

Ideally, when resigning from a job, it is good to do so in person rather than through a letter or a resignation email. However, if you choose the latter (due to whatever circumstances), remember that the resignation letter should always be written in a polite and respectful tone, devoid of any personal vendetta or professional conflict. Also, it is mandatory that the correct format be followed. In the article below, you will find a couple of examples of how a formal resignation email must be.


To : Employer’s email address
Subject : Resignation (Your Name)

Dear Mr. / Ms. Last Name,

Introduction Paragraph
The first paragraph should state that you are resigning and the effective resignation date.

In the body of the letter, you can thank the employer for the professional opportunities and guidance given to you, and also specify the reasons for quitting the job.

Last Paragraph
It the concluding paragraph, you can mention your availability for any work or task that may come up in the transition period and express your willingness for training the newcomer who will replace you.

(Your Name)
Contact No.

It might be necessary or say you might feel morally obligated to give your employer the reasons for why you are opting out of the company, but it might not be so in case of your clients. Your clients need not necessarily know as to what led you to take the decision. But yes, for courtesy sake, it is always good to let the clients know that you won’t be available in office, if you were at a position or in a job profile that required you to interact with them much.

Sample #1

To :
Subject : Resignation John Cena

Dear Mr. / Ms. Cruse,

Please accept this message as a notice of my resignation from the General Manager’s post in Bosch Chassis Systems with effect from January 08, 2011.

I appreciate the opportunities and professional guidance given to me. I wish the company all the best and success in all future endeavors.

Kindly let me know as to what is expected in terms of the final work schedule, employee benefits and the compensation.

Consider me available as usual during this transition period of two months.

John Cena
CBZ Apts.
82 Eva Martin St.
Contact No.- 512-1385-090

Sample #2

To :
Subject : Resignation Hepsi Rachel

Dear Sir / Ma’am,

This is to inform you that I am resigning from the designation of Vice President in ABC Systems with effect from January 08, 2011.

This decision has not been an easy one. However, after much contemplation, I decided that a new company would prove to be beneficial for my career. I hope that the one month’s notice period would be sufficient for you to find a replacement for my position.

I express my willingness for any work or task that may come up during the transition period, and would be delighted to train the newcomer who would replace me.

Hepsi Rachel
RDX Apartments,
007 Hell Street,
Contact No.- 512-1385-090

These were the sample resignation emails that you can use for writing a letter of resignation. Hope this resignation letter sample provided you enough guidance as to how to write a resignation email. However, keep in mind that it is best to meet your employer in person for resignation purpose and also explain the reasons why you are quitting.

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