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Sample Letter of Interest

Sample Letter of Interest

A sample letter of interest will help you formulate the perfect letter in case you don't know how to draft one. Read the following article to understand what goes into a letter of interest and how to go about drafting the same.
Rujuta Borkar
A letter of interest is one of the most important and crucial cover letters that should accompany resumes, certificates and other formal documents that make up the contents of a job application. While most job aspirants are aware that including all these technical documents is a must when applying for a job, most do not realize that a letter of interest is just as important. A sample letter of interest puts your documents in a more positive light by giving it a personal touch and thereby helps to distinguish your application from among the scores of others that have come in. This being a good thing and something that you should never ever forget to include. A letter of interest goes to show that you have taken that extra step in filling out your application. So now that we've covered what a letter of interest does, let's move on to the process of writing a letter of interest and what goes into a letter such as this.

Letter of Interest for Employment

A letter of interest for a job, (any job for that matter) should be written in a particular style so that nothing is excluded. The remainder of this article will give you an idea of how to go about writing a letter of interest for a job with the hope of making a lasting impression and earning a job in the bargain.

Contact Details
Start the letter by writing out your name, full address and your email address. Do not forget to mention the date. Follow your contact details with the contact details of the person to whom you'll be addressing the letter. Include the name of the person/institution and their address. Do some research and try to find the exact person who is in charge of the whole process. Addressing the letter to him will show that you've gone that extra mile to learn who the letter should be written to. A salutation that goes Dear Mr./Ms is considered OK. Do not make any spelling or grammatical mistakes while writing this.

Introduction and Interest
In the first paragraph, shed a little light on who you are, as well as provide other relevant details (in brief-degree, hobbies). Along with that, it is also important to mention how you learned about the job, that is, whether it was through a source, a newspaper or a website. Also make sure to make it clear that you're interested in that particular job. In short, show your interest in working for the institution/company.

Making Your Position Clear
In the second paragraph you need to focus on bringing forth the reasons why you know you're right for the position that you're applying for. This will be done by mentioning your educational qualifications and other co-curricular activities. Remember to mention live examples that will make your position better.

In Conclusion
In the last paragraph, make sure to thank the person for reading your letter of interest and go on to add a formal salutation to reiterate what you've mentioned above.
Sample Letter for Employment
To help you understand this concept better, here's a template that you can use as a base for your own sample letter of intent for a job.

Your Name:
Your Address:
Your State, City, Zip Code:
Your Phone Number:
Your Email ID:


Name of Institution/Department:
Address of Institution:
Job Title:

Dear Mr (Name of the authority),

Please accept the enclosed resume as an expression of my interest in the tenth grade English literature teaching position opening in your school for the fall of 2012.

At the present time, I am teaching (Name of School), where I specialize in teaching special children. This position enables me to provide these students with the required skills of life, along with guiding them with their curriculum. I am known to be creative, nurturing and most of all, patient.
In my senior year at (Name of college), a passion for, and a knowledge of arts and crafts created an opportunity for me to work for the local museum. This position allowed me to teach every fifth grade class in the local school system. I coordinated field trips with classroom instruction.
It is my goal to combine my range of teaching experience with my ability to be a compassionate, heads on, intelligent teacher, who will make a positive contribution to your school district. I would welcome an interview and hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience.

If you desire further information at this time, I will gladly respond on request.

Thank you for your time and attention. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.


(Your Name and Signature)
This sample letter of interest will have hopefully given you a clear picture of how to go about writing a letter of interest. Just mold it according to your situation and go on to give your job application that special touch.