Sample Letter of Intent for a Job

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While applying for a job, an intent letter can be tricky to write. The letter in itself is the first impression on a prospective employer, and hence you need a sample letter of intent for a job as a guide.

An intent letter is a type of cover letter. It is basically an introductory letter, which is sent by a person to a potential employer. This letter is usually written as a response to an employment advertisement. However, there are cases where it is written as an introduction or cover letter, stating the need for a job or an interest in becoming the company’s employee.

The letter of intent is the first phase of communication that takes place between the employer and the employee. Thus, it is the best opportunity to make a first impression on a prospective employer. The following sample letter of intent would help you to write a very good one for yourself.

Your Name
Your Address


The Designation of the Person
The Name of the Company
The Address of the Company

Dear Sir,

This letter is in response to your advertisement in the (name of newspaper) that appeared on (date when the advertisement appeared). I am a graduate in economics and have also completed my Law degree. In addition to both these degrees, I have completed a post-graduate diploma in taxation and have also cleared the examinations of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program.

I have worked with 3 law and audit firms in the past. Subsequently, I switched over to finance consultancy and have also worked with some notable firms that cater to the needs of e-commerce related industry. I have also served on the board of directors of two companies that operate in the e-commerce industry.

I feel that the job profile suits my aptitude really well and my qualifications and experience also fulfill your requirements. I have also enclosed my Curricula Vitae along with this letter, and I would gladly furnish references and recommendations on request. I appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.



Your Name
Your Phone Number

Guidelines and Tips to Write an Intent Letter
  • Salutation: An appropriate salutation is an important requirement of any formal letter. One should include salutations such as ‘Dear Sir’ or ‘Respected Madam’, along with the designation of the Human Resource Department’s personnel to whom you are addressing the letter. There should also be an appropriate signing-off salutation such as ‘sincerely’ or ‘respectfully yours’.
  • Format: This letter should have a uniform format. The whole letter cannot just become a random paragraph that describes your intent, and the reasons that you feel that you are the appropriate person for the job. There should be three basic parts, namely, the introductory part, the main body, and the concluding paragraph. You can view these three parts in the sample. In fact, any formal letter needs to have such a format.
  • Content: The introduction should include details about your qualification and the position for which you are applying. The main body must have a brief explanation of your skills. Make sure to highlight those skills, that would prove beneficial for the company. Refrain from stating everything that is mentioned in the resume. In short, the letter should not be too lengthy.
  • Tone: Maintaining proper tone and polite language while writing the letter is important. The reader of the letter must be thoroughly impressed by your style of writing. Hence, try to keep the language simple and also maintain a good language flow. The first sentence must always correspond in context to the next sentence. In case of change of context or subject, start with a new paragraph. Maintain a very pleasant tone when you narrate your qualities.
  • Salary and Perks: Avoid talking about the salary and perks in the letter. Also, do not demand anything, those things can be discussed when your job or appointment has been finalized.
  • Conclusion: It is also important to write a good conclusion for the letter, as it reflects that you wish to maintain contact with the organization and the Human Resource Department in future. In the conclusion of the sample letter of intent for job application, the tone should be extra polite. This tends to create a very good effect on the person who is in charge of the recruitment process and believe it or not, he is bound to remember your name.

I hope that you will be able to pen down your own letter successfully using this sample. You can go through some more samples for a basic understanding about the format and other requirements. However, it is always advisable to draft an intent letter on your own, as per your needs.

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