Sample IT Technician Resume

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Sample IT Technician Resume

Are you an IT technician? Do you want to write a resume for yourself? In this article, we give you a sample resume that should help you draft one.

While we may not realize this when we are sitting in our cubicles, going about our work, but without the IT technician in our office, it may be extremely difficult for us to do our work well. IT technicians have a lot of work and huge responsibilities. From integrating computers together to create a network for the office, to detect any computer functioning problems, to day-to-day maintenance, the job can often be quite stressful. IT technicians are also often hired by organizations for research and development projects. This especially happens in the case of technicians who have several years of experience in the field and have done special certification courses. As an IT technician, it is important to stay abreast of the latest in the field of technology and to constantly update yourself and learn new things.

The salary of an IT technician will often depend on not only his experience in the field, but also on the knowledge base that he has. If you have more than a couple of years experience in the field, then you can command a salary of anywhere between USD 40,000 and USD 50,000 annually. As with every other field, a good resume can go a long way to get you the job profile that you deserve. In this article, we tell you how to draft a resume with the help of a sample resume for a computer technician.

Sample Resume for IT Technician

An IT technician plays one of the most important roles in any organization, especially in an age and time when most of our work is done on computers. Without a good IT technician, it can often be quite difficult to ensure smooth running of an organization. When employers hire an IT technician, they look for someone who is not only well qualified, but someone who has some experience handling the various software that they use in the organization. Writing a good resume can, therefore, be important to ensure that you showcase all your skills. In this section, we tell you what a good resume looks like with the help of a sample resume.

Joseph McQuinn
576, Ebony Drive
New Jersey
New York – 656-5943
Mobile number: 969-666-4533
Email address:

Qualification Summary
Information technology professional with years of experience looking for a breakthrough at a Tier One Level of employment for providing training and acquired skills. Have knowledge of different software and operating systems, and have worked in several different settings providing clients with computer support in troubleshooting, installation, and maintenance. Ability to identify problems quickly and solve them for clients and customers and eliminate any technical queries and concerns that they may have.

Educational Qualifications
New York University, 2008

Additional Training

  • IBM Software Applications
  • Intermediate Lotus 2.1
  • Advanced Lotus 2.1 Macros
  • MS-DOS Commands
  • Novell Netware 3.11

Work Experience
Senior IT Technician
Idea Inc., 2008 – Present

  • Provision of computer help desk support and ensure proper functioning of the intranet and network.
  • Responsible for leading a team of four technicians who in turn looked after the needs of the organization like diagnostics for the system, troubleshooting issues, maintaining equipment for the organization, etc.
  • Conducting training programs for new recruits explaining the systems used at the organization and providing them with information regarding various problems that can be solved by the user.
  • Overseeing the proper functioning of the office network on a daily basis.
Now that you know what a well written resume for an IT technician looks like, you should have no problem drafting a resume for yourself. Just use this sample resume as a template for your own resume, and you will be on your way to get the job that you desire.

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