This Ideal Cover Letter Sample Will Precede an Ideal Internship

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Sample Cover Letter for Internship

Use this sample cover letter for internship to write an outstanding one yourself, and get that dream internship you have always desired, to start off with.

Starting off with a desirable internship program can help you eventually land that dream job; but getting to that point is extremely important. In order to do so, not only does your resume have to be remarkable, the cover letter that accompanies it should be outstanding. This is because it is the cover letter that is read before your resume is given a look. If it is not interesting, be assured that your resume will land in some corner of the recruitment manager’s office. Now, what goes into this letter? Let’s understand how to go about the process by means of a template and then a sample cover letter for internship.

Essential Tips to be Followed

While an appropriate template and sample is given below, here are some important tips that you must keep in mind when considering how to write a cover letter for an internship. Since an internship will probably be your first job in the field you desire, you are not going to have any experience to back you up. In such a case, it is necessary that you list down your best qualities, skills, and experience with any jobs you may have held previously. Also, your cover letter should reveal your eagerness to get an internship and only at that particular organization. You have to show the company why you would like to work for them, in terms of how working there will benefit your career and future. Don’t look like the ‘perfect’ candidate for the job. Look like someone who is willing to learn and make a mark for her/himself in life. That requires you to be yourself and not someone who the company wants you to be. Though your resume will consist of all your experience, qualities, and abilities (do not focus on what you still need to learn), the cover letter should provide a brief overview of the resume. It should be short. The organization doesn’t need you, you need the organization. Keep that in mind and your cover letter will definitely make your resume one worth considering.


Here is a template that you can follow when writing a cover letter for an internship at that dream organization.

Candidate’s Name,


Authority Name (HR Manager/Head of the Department/Hiring In-Charge)
Company Name

Dear Ma’am/Sir,

Introductory Paragraph: Introduce yourself and provide any references who may have informed you of the opening. In short, include details of how you heard about the position. In one line convey your desire to be a part of the internship program organized by the company.

Body: State your educational qualifications, or details about what you are currently studying. If you have any experience in the same field, mention it here. Also explain how this experience is relevant to the position you are applying for as an intern.

In another paragraph within the body, provide details of any other job experience you have attained. Explain the skills you have developed with these jobs and how these will help you with your job/position held in the future.

Conclusion: Conclude the letter with your contact details (number and e-mail address) and mention how you look forward to a positive response from the organization. Mention when you are available for an interview and that you may be contacted at any time.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

(Candidate’s Signature)


Here is a sample cover letter that you may refer to, in order to write one out for yourself. This sample will even help those who do not have any experience. Take a look.

Dayana Miller
786 Fir Avenue
Springfield – 22222

Date: 08 February, 20XX

Fiona James
Recruitment Head
DIR Pvt. Ltd.
555 West Street
Springfield – 22224

Dear Ma’am,

With reference to the advertisement posted by you on the DreamIntern website, I am writing to you to request you to consider me for the position of intern in the sales department of your esteemed organization. This internship will help me build a strong foundation in the career I wish to pursue in the field of sales and marketing.

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at the University of Illinois, Springfield, with my specialization being Sales and Marketing. I have already worked as a promotional salesperson at different malls during high school, and while pursuing my degree. This, I believe, has laid the basic foundation for my career and will help me with the position I am applying for at your organization.

(E.g. For someone without experience: I have completed several important projects in college that involved first creating a product by targeting a niche customer base, designing a sales and marketing program to promote the product, and then promoting and selling that product. Not only has this helped me analyze the intricacies of the field of sales, but by working in team, I have also learned the very basic importance of teamwork in order to be successful in any field.)

I have also performed a part-time job at PIO Mobile Technologies, as a tele-sales executive. I believe with this real-life experience, that I have developed not only the appropriate and required communication skills, but also the ability to deal with varied customer groups.

I look forward to hearing from you with a positive response. My contact number is 0907549582 and my e-mail address is I am available for an interview whenever it suits your convenience.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours Sincerely,


Dayana Miller

With the aforementioned tips and the cover letter sample, you are sure to get that desirable internship to lay a strong foundation for your career. Good luck!

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