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Roles and Responsibilities of the National Guard

Roles and Responsibilities of the National Guard
The National Guard is a reserve military force of the United States, and they are involved in many emergency missions apart from their regular duties. CareerStint outlines the roles and responsibilities of the National Guard.
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Did You Know?
The soldiers of the National Guard have been fighting in every war of the United States since 1637. They have fought in the Vietnam War, the Korean War, the Persian Gulf War, and most importantly, World War II.

The National Guard is a reserve component of the military force of the U.S.A. But if it just a part of the military, then what does the National Guard do that may or may not apply to the rest of the force? To answer the question in its simplest form, they perform military as well as civilian duties. More so, they are under state as well as federal control. In the paragraphs below, we will try to understand the responsibilities of the National Guard in detail.
A Background
  • The purpose of the National Guard is to protect the country from invaders.
  • That said, the main responsibility of the Air Guard is to provide help during emergencies.
  • The role of the National Guard during disasters is extensive, as they are deployed to provide medical, financial, and domestic aid.
  • Securing key locations, like airports and state borders, is another purpose, thus protecting the nation from terrorism.
Duties of the National Guard

Urgent Deployment During Disasters
  • As mentioned earlier, disaster relief is one of the important duties of the National Guard.
  • During natural disasters, like floods, hurricanes, famines, National Guard soldiers are deployed by the government or the respective state.
  • They rescue people, transport them to safer places, help supply food packets, rescue those in danger, etc.
  • These duties are not restricted only within the state/nation, National Guard troops can be sent overseas as well, to provide help during a crisis.
  • The National Guard provides valuable training for those interested―this training is provided for durations of three, six, or eight years.
  • A few weeks in the year are devoted to this training schedule. The trainers are paid according to their experience and education.
  • The National Guard plays a very important role during riots and rebellions.
  • At such junctures, the rebellious crowd may become unstable and uncontrollable, leading to riots, and subsequently, destruction of public property.
  • Not only that, chances of stampede and loss of human life are high.
  • At such times, these soldiers are deployed to pacify the aggressive crowd and maintain peace and harmony.
State and Federal Services
  • As mentioned before, the National Guard exists in every state and for the nation as well.
  • They will be the first to be deployed in case of an invasion.
  • They are responsible for safeguarding the country from external attacks.
Emergency Missions
  • If there is any urgent combat mission, the troops of the National Guard are put on active duty.
  • Such missions may last up to a year or more.
  • The troops are well-trained so that they are ready when the situation arises.
  • In fact, they are even called for prompt service when the nation has to go for a war.
Homeland Security
  • With the threat of a terrorist attack ever present, every public place is vulnerable and exposed.
  • Such places are under the scrutiny of the National Guard.
  • The soldiers are deployed at train stations, bus stations, malls, state borders, airports, etc.
  • They keep a vigil for anything suspicious or anything that seems amiss so that the place remains safe and well-protected.
The National Guard is a highly respected, vital military component of the nation. Their prompt service and intervention during emergencies have saved many a life.