Robotics Engineer Average Salary

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Robotics Engineer Average Salary

If you are looking for a career in robotics engineering, then average salary may be one of the factors that you would take into consideration. This CareerStint article will tell you about the salary range that you can expect in this field.

Most robotics engineers work to design software, and build functioning prototypes. Those who specialize in one or more related disciplines can command higher salaries.

Robotics engineering is a vital branch of science and technology. Today, when we speak of things getting automated, the first thought that comes to our mind is that of a robot. We, in fact, start imagining robots doing all the daily work for us! People who bring this technology to us and transform our imagination into reality are known as robotics engineers. This is one of the most sought after careers today. But, being a robotics engineer is no child’s play! In fact, the job is challenging, and you need to study hard throughout your academics. Let’s get to know about the average salary, and some other aspects such as the duties of a robotics engineer, educational requirements, and career outlook for this occupation.

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Salary Range

  • According to the National Human Genome Research Institute, the salary range for this occupation is USD 47,640 – USD 121,970.
  • In 2013, the median annual salary of a robotics engineer was about USD 82,100.
  • According to the data presented by Indeed, the average salary of a robotic engineer is about $76,000. It may vary from state to state.

The salary depends upon the size of the organization, educational qualifications, skills, and most importantly the experience of the individual. Although the pay scale in the beginning would not be that high, it will gradually rise with work experience.

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Educational Requirements

This career demands hard work and sincerity in studies right from high school level. A bachelor’s degree in robotics engineering would suffice to secure an entry-level job in this industry. Your graduation curriculum will include in-depth studies of subjects such as electronics, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems. However, for jobs in advanced positions such as training, research and development, management and planning, you need to have a master’s degree in business administration along with your bachelor’s degree. Above all, knowledge about computers and software application is also necessary. Those with creative problem-solving skills can command high salaries. For practical experience, the organization may arrange for a two-year ‘on the job training’. This can equip you with the designing, manufacturing, controlling, and applications of robots.

Various degree program options are available for the aspiring candidates. One may earn an Associate of Applied Science in Robotics Engineering Technology (RET), or a Bachelor’s degree in electrical, mechanical, or computer engineering, and a Master’s degree in robotics technology. One may specialize in control systems design, robotics animation, or artificial intelligence, etc.

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Job Description

Being a robotics engineer is challenging, and there are many tough tasks involved in this job. Here’s the basic job description.

  • System Designing: The foremost duty of a robotics engineer is to analyze the client’s needs and demands, their nature of work, the type of machine they expect, and accordingly design the robot.
  • Manufacturing: Along with designing, the engineers are also responsible for the manufacturing and quality control of the robots. They need to take into consideration the cost-effectiveness of robotics projects too.
  • Application: Testing the robot for its application also forms an important part of the job. This includes examining the robots according to the design specifications and rectifying the faults found in due course.
  • Preparing Control Systems: Robots are either manually or automatically controlled through a control system. It is also the duty of the robotics engineer to design and manufacture robot control systems that would serve this purpose properly.
  • Troubleshooting: Troubleshooting the problems met by robots and their control systems also forms an important part of the work.
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Career Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of robotics engineers is projected to grow 4% from 2012 to 2022, slower than the average for all occupations. The overall job outlook has been negative since 2004. States like California, New Mexico, Massachusetts, etc. already have thousands of robotics engineers. However, there can be some job opportunities in states like Massachusetts and New Mexico. Apart from these two states, the states with highest job vacancies and job growth rate are Missouri, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Louisiana.

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Robotics engineers in the field of scientific research are expected to have better employment opportunities than those in manufacturing industries. If you are ready to work hard, and take up the challenge, go ahead, and make a flourishing career in robotics engineering.

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