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Retail Sales Associate Resume Sample

Retail Sales Associate Resume Sample

An effectively designed resume will surely increase the probability of you bagging the dream job you have been on the lookout for. In this article, a sample of a retail sales associate resume has been presented.
Hemangi Harankhedkar
The success of any business depends on its management. Effective management and customer satisfaction are the keys to the success of any retail store. Lots of people contribute in the success of a retail store, and thus there are plenty of career opportunities in the retail sector. Though the retail sector had incurred tremendous loss during the recession period, it has now recovered to a considerable extent, and there are many career opportunities in the sector. One interesting position in the retail sector is that of an associate. A retail associate plays an arguably important role in managing the retail store. A retail sales associate works in the sales and customer service department. The prominent duties are - he deals and explains the working of various products to the customer. Apart from these prime duties there are many other duties which vary as per the place of working.

If management, negotiation and communication are your strong points, a career as a retail sales associate will suit you well. If you have the required qualifications and skills, a job hunt awaits you in the near future. What is the most important document that needs to be carried during any job interview? You have guessed it right, a resume! The significance of a CV during an interview cannot be ignored, and a brief and to the point resume will surely impress your interviewer. You thus need to know the art of resume writing and formatting.


Keira Beckham
H-05, Parker Street

An enthusiastic and hardworking individual seeks position as a retail sales associate.

  • Excellent negotiation skills.
  • Knowledge of complex retail terminologies and concepts.
  • Good command over accounting terminologies.
  • Excellent people management and communication skills.
  • Top class sales skills.
  • Knowledge of using computers, Internet and various business software.
Work Experience
Everyday Daily, Retail Sales Associate, Jan 2005 to May 2011.
  • Serviced the incoming customers and answered their queries.
  • Led the team of individuals responsible for managing the inventory.
  • Handled billing of customer payments.
  • Managed home delivery system.
  • Negotiated the trade deals under the supervision of retails store manager.
  • Provided training to the new recruits and acquainted them with the working of the store.
  • Winner of inter collegiate advertising competition.
  • Active participation in all the sports activities.
  • Awarded employee of the year award for the year 2010.
Educational Details
  • Saint Joseph's High School, Arizona (2000).
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Arizona State University (2005).
Personal Details
  • Date of Birth: 19th September, 1984.
  • Languages known: Excellent command over English and French.
  • Mr. Carl Ferdinand, HOD, Business Dept, Arizona State University.


The below given tips would be helpful to you in designing an excellent and expected resume.
  • Keep it Simple: The layout, language and formatting should be kept professional. Use of over the top designs for formatting should be avoided. The language should also be professional and simple.
  • Relevancy: The details you have written should be relevant. The recruiters cross check the details you have provided in the CV. Any wrong information found will hamper your chances of getting selected. Also make sure you have listed all your skills and not missed any of the important details.
  • Proofread: Once you are done with the designing and writing the resume, proofread it for any minor errors to avoid creating a bad impression.
Hope the sample and tips help you in designing a suitable resume. A lot of other factors like presentation skills and confidence in the interview, count for success. All the best!