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Retail Cover Letter

Retail Cover Letter

If you are applying for a retail job then you must know how to draft an impressive retail cover letter that could contribute a lot in fetching you that job. Read the article that gives you information about the same.
Sheeba Nambiar
The retail industry is one of the largest growing markets, not just in the US, but also in the world. This is in spite of the fact that many on-line shopping avenues and portals are opening up and that it enables the consumers to make purchases online. However, the point is that even with the technological advancements in this industry, the small shops and shopping malls are here to stay. And to serve the customers walking into these stores, there needs to be staff to deal with them. The approach of the staff matters a lot to the customers. This is one of those factors that every hiring person in this industry looks for in the applicant. So. For people to enter this industry, they would need a resume with a retail cover letter, and this is provided in the article below.


Retail jobs include an array of job positions and doing justice to all of them is not just the qualification (as is in case of many other jobs). It's the additional qualities in the person, such as hard work, dedication, the politeness, the behavior, the ability to grasp everything that he/she has been trained for and convey it in a manner that sounds convincing enough for a positive sale. All the previous accomplishments and professional traits must be mentioned in the resume when one is applying for a certain job. It's equally essential in this industry as in others, and listing these traits in the resume is therefore imperative. However, the resume is not all that helps the hiring professional to decide on whether you qualify for the job or not. The retail cover letter that you attach with the resume plays an equal role in the decision-making process.

Customer service is of utmost importance in this competitive industry and especially if one is getting into direct sales then prior experience in sales is something that's mandatory. Sales training ensures that the associate upgrades their skills in selling the required products, along with providing the best of customer service.


A cover letter is nothing but an introductory letter that gives a general overview of your profile and your interest in the applied job.

How to Draft?

Your Full Name
Your Mailing Address
Your Phone Number
Your E-mail ID


Name of the Hiring Manager
Company Name
Company Address

Dear ________ (Name of the Hiring Manager)

First Paragraph : The first paragraph of the letter should consist of how did you find out about the job opening and the name of the source. You may or may not mention your years of experience ,or you can save this for the next paragraph as you'd be elaborating it a little there.

Second Paragraph : In brief, explain your qualifications, skills, experience, and accomplishments in the relevant industry (or even otherwise). Also, mention the skills that you have pertaining to the job opening. Prove your potential in terms of how you'd be the perfect choice for the job opening and how would you be doing justice to the designation.

Final Paragraph : Thank the reader for his time. Express how keen are you to join the organization and how would hiring you could benefit you and the employer. Explain in brief again how could you use your aforementioned skills to be an asset to the company. You could also give your contact details (telephone number/E-mail address) again and mention the available time when the employer can schedule an interview if you qualify for the next round.

Yours Sincerely

[Your Signature]
Your Full Name


I'm sure the template has given you a fair idea on how to draft a letter like this. However, the sample given below will give you a clear and better understanding on what the content should be.

Mary Hopkins
10 Cedar Avenue
Jersey City
New Jersey
NJ 08975

(201) 487-7878

12 December, 2010

Michelle Parker
Fashion Maniac
187 Ridgewood Avenue
New Jersey

Dear Michelle Parker,

This letter is with reference to the job opening for a sales associate advertised in the New Jersey Herald. I have prior experience of 2 years in the same retail segment as yours, that is, fashion. I was working in a boutique in NY City. Over the tenure of 2 years, I have learned a lot about fashion, and it required me to keep an up-to-date knowledge on the latest trends and fashion. As a practice, I continue it even now.

As a sales associate, I offered excellent customer service and was also chosen to impart sales training and soft skills training to new recruits. I was also given the responsibility of organizing stock inventories, the efficiency displayed there was well praised by the management. What made me feel more confident about my efficiency and work ethics was the positive response directly coming from the customers. It sure was overwhelming and that's one of the most important reasons why I love doing what I do.

Besides the education in grad school, I have successfully obtained a diploma in retail operations and that, I am very certain, would help me in my career growth. I am very much interested in this job offered by your renowned company. I hope I match your expectations for this job profile. Please do have a look at the enclosed resume and certificates of appreciation from the former employer and certificates of education.

Yours Sincerely
Mary Hopkins

Mary Hopkins

Writing a resume cover letter is not that difficult as it may appear to be. Now sales or selling is not all that takes place in the retail stores, right. To manage the other areas of the business such as maintaining files and records, there needs to be an administration team that could help with these essentials. Sales associates, sales representatives, clerks, cashiers, store managers are some of the common jobs that we are familiar with. According to the job profile, you can make the required changes in the cover letter sample given in this article and use this as a general format. Wish you all the very best for your career in the retail industry!