A Guide to Resume Writing Services

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A Guide to Resume Writing Services

Do you need professional help in writing your resume? Learn about how it can help you find a job, when someone else is put in charge of making it for you.

Are you one of those who thinks that creating an effective resume is a pain? Fret not, as there’s help available in the form of professional resume writers.

What are Resume Writing Services

A team of language professionals who specialize in resume writing and all forms of corporate communication are the ones who provide these services. It includes content creation and/or enhancement of the format to improve the overall quality of the resume. These agencies claim to increase the chances of getting job opportunities, since many companies consider the CV as one of the important criteria for primary selection. The individuals/agencies work in consultation with their clients in order to cater to their needs and requirements.


In case you are not confident about writing one yourself, reputed resume writing firms often hire the best professionals to write or edit your resume. Hence, hiring them would obviously ensure that you would have a professional-looking CV, which will surely grab attention, and take you places in the corporate world. In addition to this, they will ensure that it is presentable and appealing to the recruiter. However, you need to keep in mind that a resume will only help you climb the first level, after which you will have to work your way through to get the job.


Professional agencies have a fixed pattern or style; hence, it is possible that all the resumes created by the agency have a distinct similarity between them. In an age, where you keep on enhancing your CV and updating yourself with the latest qualifications, you cannot afford to show a lack of self-confidence. No one knows your true potential and abilities better than you, and hence, you must always be confident enough to prepare your own resume and present yourself confidently. Also, if your professional and educational details are not clearly communicated to the agency, the resume may not come out the way you intended to.

Things to Watch Out for

While choosing a professional service, make sure that you get the maximum number of benefits from it. Primarily, look at the kind of writing services they provide, for example, see if they take responsibility of creating the document from scratch or merely provide general proofreading and an overall language check. Ask them how they would want the basic information sent to them; by email, post, in person, or over the phone.

Some agencies provide telephonic consultation as an add-on to the regular services. The number of days within which the document will be delivered is important as well. Look for the credibility of the company, by asking for samples and judge whether the quality is good enough. Check for the document format in which the services will be provided, for example, some will provide the resume in a standard word format, while others provide it in the Adobe PDF format, or a web-friendly HTML format.


The charges always depend on two basic things: the reputation of the agency and the quality of its services. In general, such services can cost anywhere between USD 80 – 300 for the writing, and between USD 30 – 100 for just the proofreading.

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