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Restaurant Cashier Job Description

Restaurant Cashier Job Description

A cashier manages money and financial transactions in a business set up. Restaurant cashier jobs are amongst the most popular jobs in this field. Know various duties entailed in the restaurant cashier job description by reading further...
Kundan Pandey
Irrespective of the place you visit, you'll find a cashier as an integral staff member of the work place. Supermarkets, gas stations, retail markets, hotel chains, restaurants and shops, cashiers are employed everywhere. Depending on the type of work place and job duties, the job of a cashier varies significantly. Most of the restaurant cashiers require at least a high school degree to be able to apply for this post. However, good contacts can help you land up a starting job as a cashier. Basic maths skills, an ability to sit for long hours and the ability to interact with customers are some key skills required to become a restaurant cashier.

Restaurant Cashier Job Duties
  • Be proactive in counting money before a shift begins so that there is no miscalculation at the end of the shift.
  • Greet and welcome customers entering the restaurant.
  • Resolve different types of complains from customers or address them to the restaurant manager.
  • Display changes in the rates of eatables and food items near the cash counter and in the menu booklet so that customers become aware of it.
  • Tabulate data regarding bills, total amounts, restaurant expenses in cash registers or record them in computers.
  • Keep desserts, chocolates and take home packages at cash counters and encourage customers to purchase.
  • Inform customers about modes of payment available at the restaurant. With variety of options to pay money; cash, check, credit card and debit card, customers these days are at ease even if they don't have cash while paying the bills.
  • Pack merchandise, gifts, take home packages for customers.
  • Answer queries and questions of customers and inform about policies, rules of the restaurant, etc.
  • Stock shelves, keep a note of stock that are about to finish and make cash payments for restaurant works as per the order of the restaurant manager.
  • Be alert as well as cordial all the time. They must only leave the cash counters after handing it over to other authorized person or on supervisory approval because they're responsible for large sum of money.
  • Must be apt in handling money, currencies and coins.
Educational Qualifications and Skills Required
  • Generally a high school diploma is the minimum qualification but large restaurants may want some other certifications or qualifications.
  • Good in basic mathematics.
  • Must have the ability to do repetitive work without any errors.
  • Must be able to maintain records regarding transactions on computers.
  • Must have basic computer awareness.
  • Must have excellent inter personal and people skills.
  • Must deal with customers politely.
  • Must be dressed neatly.
  • Being aware of more than one language is preferred in restaurant chains with customers from various cultures, states or nations.
  • Integrity, honesty and accountability in all dealings.
  • Must be ready to work varied hours/days and sometimes even on weekends.
  • Must have the ability to read and write.
Cashiers are required in almost all businesses and work places throughout the US, however, the growth and availability of job depends on the economy every year. With online transactions becoming the order of the day, this profession will face tough challenges in the future. Nevertheless, becoming a part-time or full-time cashier is one of the best options for college students and teenagers who want to earn extra bucks. Full-time cashiers are employed in large restaurants and they're mostly the cashiers with years of experience in the same restaurant.

Cashier duties and responsibilities mentioned in the above restaurant cashier job description must have given you a deep insight about various tasks these cashiers are required to do. To find cashier jobs, you must read the classifieds and Internet portals as they update their database whenever there are new jobs in the market.