Responsibilities of a Cashier

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Responsibilities of a Cashier

Cashier is a person whose job focuses on the handling of money. Apart from this, there are several responsibilities of a cashier, some of which are enumerated below.

A cashier is an integral part of industries and business, especially those that involve retail sales, like service stations, departmental stores, grocery stores, movie theaters, restaurants, etc. He is required to perform many activities. He handles cash and is also responsible for recording all transactions, receipts, and payments. As his services are required by a lot of different stores, it is natural that the responsibilities of a cashier also vary according to specific requirements.


Apart from being able to handling money accurately, there are several qualities that are necessary in a cashier.

  • The person should be able to handle customers cheerfully, should be clean in appearance, should have good communication skills, should be honest and reliable, and should be able to stand for straight 8 hours and not get agitated.
  • Though he is not expected to have completed college, a high school degree is desirable.
  • Good knowledge of basic math is also necessary.
  • Also, a pleasing personality, neatness, and politeness will help in his career development.
  • There is no prior experience that you need in order to work for this post. Some stores train the employees before they start working.


  • Capacity and capability of handling huge sums of money.
  • Having good customer service skills to maintain a friendly environment and treating the customers properly.
  • Having a thorough and complete knowledge of the policies followed by the store with respect to the discounts, credit policies, card payments, etc.
  • Asking for age-proof and identification proof while selling alcohol and tobacco.
  • Communicating the customer inquiries, suggestions, and comments to the management.
  • Answering the questions asked by the customers, and if in doubt, directing the customer to the right person.
  • Having complete knowledge about the types of products sold in the store.
  • Knowing all the details of the ongoing sales, discounts, and promotion offers.
  • Counting out the exact change and giving the customer a correct legitimate receipt for their purchases.
  • Patiently handling the customer queries.
  • Knowledge about the location of the merchandise to assist people quickly.
  • Quick and accurate billing so that the customers do not have to stand waiting for their turn, for a long time.

If the cashier remembers faces and names of the regular shoppers, he/she should greet the person and make small talk. This is a skill where the cashier makes the shopper feel important and this helps the sales of the stores. He is also expected to help in the inventory management, shelf stocking, display merchandise in an attractive way and other related jobs. They should also be able to perform other jobs that are specific to the stores and business they work for.

Restaurant Cashier

The cashier responsibilities in a restaurant are different. They include:

  • Being in charge of the register
  • Handling all the cash and credit card transactions.
  • Balancing the register at the end of the day or shift.
  • Acting as the host/hostess of the restaurant.
  • Greeting the patrons when they come in and assisting them in finding the right table.
  • Booking reservations.
  • Responsibility of taking the food check from the customers or the waiters.
  • Tipping the waiter/waitress.
  • Assisting the wait staff during rush hours.
  • Pacifying customers when they are annoyed.
  • Providing immaculate service to the patrons.
  • Acknowledging the regular patrons.

A restaurant cashier needs to be able to handle cash efficiently in the rush hours and should not keep the patrons waiting for a long time for the settlement of their bills.

Cashier Supervisor

  • Training the new and existing employees in the policies, procedures, and guidelines followed.
  • Giving them customer service tips to work better.
  • Educate them in the register routines followed and the ways for proper cash handling.
  • Overseeing them and the customer service executives.
  • Help the store to maintain good customer service.
  • Assist the others in quick and efficient processing of the sales.
  • Attend to the customer issues in bill settlement.
  • Preparing the cash drawer before the work begins.
  • Record refund returns and the daily cash on hand.
  • Calculate sales and crosscheck the cash counters amount against them.
  • Recording the sales and the cash amount at the end of the day or shift.
  • Supervising over the others and ensuring that the store guidelines are followed.

These were the responsibilities that a cashier supervisor needs to perform. He is responsible for proper training and working of the cashiers and also responsible to see that the store functions smoothly. This is one of the great career opportunities that you could think of taking up.


As mentioned above, you do not need particular educational qualifications to become a cashier. The hourly salary earned by a cashier with diplomas and no degrees is between USD 7 to USD 9. The hourly tips and overtime are less than USD 2 an hour. However, if you have certain experience, you can earn a little more than the others. The best way to increase your salary would be by getting a higher degree. The people working in the groceries stores and restaurants, however can earn up to USD 11 an hour. The supervisor can earn up to USD 30,000 yearly, based on his qualifications and years of experience. The cashiers working in a bank get paid more than the others.

I hope this article was useful for you to understand how to be a cashier and what are the duties and responsibilities of a cashier. If you are thinking of taking up this job, it is a lucrative careers that promises promotions and salary increase, if the job is done sincerely and honestly.

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