Rejection Letter Template

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Rejection Letter Template

Rejection letters are generally issued when rejecting a person’s application for an academic course or a job. Scroll down to fetch a useful letter template and sample.

Important Point! Avoid increasing a candidates’ expectations by telling them that they may be shortlisted for the position some other time. You may persuade the candidate to apply for another vacancy in your company, provided he is suitable for it.
For some, writing a rejection letter might seem like the most daunting task. On one hand, the news about the rejection needs to be intimated. On the other hand, the letter draft should not seem too pointed and tactless. Indeed, the wordings used in a rejection letter can be sugar-coated to make them sound less harsh. This article can offer you help in the form of a rejection letter template as well as a sample.

Letter Template

Name of Organization/Institution
Contact Number
Email id

Mr./Ms. (full name)

Letter of rejection

Dear Mr./Ms. (last name),

(Opening Paragraph)
This paragraph gives a reference to the addressee application for a job or a course that has got rejected.

(Second Paragraph)
This paragraph should politely inform the reader that his/her application has been rejected or that he/she has not got shortlisted for an interview. You may or may not mention the reason for his/her disqualification. When returning any documents that were submitted to you by the recipient, list their names at the end of this paragraph.

(Third Paragraph)
The third paragraph closes the letter. Write a line or two to give the recipient your best wishes for his/her future prospects.

(Name of Authorized Person)
(Name of Organization/Institution)

Letter Sample

Century Technologies
1123, Tangerine Plaza,
San Francisco, California
Contact: 112-233-4455
Date: September 9, 2012

Mr. Jerry Gellar
10, Winchester Villa,
Corner Street,
San Francisco

Rejection letter

Dear Mr. Gellar,
This is with reference to your job interview dated September 7, 2012 for the position of Test Engineer in our company.

Although we are impressed with your qualifications, your work experience is shorter than our expectation for this position. We regret to inform you that we cannot offer you employment with our company at this time. However, we are retaining your resume for our future references.

We wish you luck with your job search and thank you for the interest shown by you to be a part of our work team.

John McNally
Recruitment Manager
Century Technologies

Crucial Writing Tips

  • The wordings used in a rejection letter can create an impression about your company’s culture in the candidate’s mind. So choose your words carefully.
  • Let the language of your letter be simple, formal and gracious. After all, a rejection letter shatters a candidate’s hopes to get a new job.
  • It is best to mention the candidate’s rejection directly and at the earliest. Avoid unnecessary twists to delay expressing the candidate’s rejection.
  • Mention full name of the rejected candidate and the position he/she had applied for at the beginning of the letter. You may even mention the date and time of the interview to make the letter seem more personalized.
  • Avoid mentioning the reasons of rejection in detail. A single line of explanation is sufficient. Common reasons of rejection are under-qualification, over-qualification, short experience, etc.
  • Avoid revealing identity of the candidate who got shortlisted for the job.
  • End the letter by politely thanking the candidate for the interest shown by him/her in your company.

I hope the above template, sample, and tips ease your task of writing rejection letters. A careful study of the draft will make you realize that this letter is not as difficult as it might have seemed.

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