These Templates Will Help You Draft a Referral Letter Easily

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Referral Letter Template

A genuine, well-written reference letter can help an applicant get his desired job. The article below enlists some referral letter templates you can take cue from.

Referral or reference letter is also commonly called recommendation letter. It usually outlines some important details about the candidate, which is presented to the prospective employer. It not only helps introduce the applicant to the new employer, but also acts as a proof of the candidate’s skills and character. These letters can be written by a friend or a professor or an employer. A referral is generally an assurance to the employer, about the candidates capabilities and character. Given below are some templates which will help you.

Referral Letter Format

  • This letter should be kept simple and professional.
  • The first paragraph should start with your relation with the candidate. You need to mention why you are qualified to write the letter for the person.
  • In the second paragraph, mention the character of the person. Mention his capabilities and the way in which he can make a difference to the organization.
  • In the concluding paragraph, write the striking qualities of the person and request acceptance for him/her.
  • The whole letter should echo your confidence in the person and how he or she is the ideal candidate.

Letter Samples

Always remember to write a reference letter in first person, because you are directly referring to a person’s character. You can also narrate a short incident wherein the individual has done a good work or charity. Use strong positive words which will create a positive image for the person.

Character Reference

To Whom So Ever it May Concern

Being Mike M. Rogers closest friend for over 15 years, I think I am the ideal person to write a reference for him. In fact, I take great honor in recommending him for your institute.

Mike has not only been a friend, but a great guide and support for my entire family. He is always jolly, no matter what the ups and downs in life. He has spend several years working as an English teacher for Spring Dale high school. He understands the children very well and so is very popular among kids. By teaching and inspiring the underprivileged children in our area, Mike has always endeavored to make our society a better place. Apart from being an encouraging and inspiring teacher Mike is also a dedicated husband.

I am confident that Mike is capable of handling any job with integrity and honesty. His teaching skills, maturity and hard work will make him an asset to your institute. If you need any more information about Mike, please feel free to contact me.

Yours Sincerely,
Billy Ray
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Your Business Letter Head

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Recipient’s Name
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Dear (Recipient’s Name)

It gives me great pleasure to write this letter for Mr ABC. Mr ABC joined my company as a fresher ten years ago. Since his joining he has evolved as a great asset for my company.

Mr ABC is very hardworking and has great leadership qualities. He has headed several advertising projects in our company and each of his projects have garnered phenomenal success. He is always cool under pressure and is very soft spoken. He also has excellent levels of commitment and is blessed with great management skills. Our organization has always appreciated his behavior and high levels of dedication.

I am confident that Mr ABC will be a great asset to your organization. His ideas and skills will definitely be of great help to your company. If you want any more information about Mr ABC, please contact me.

Yours Sincerely,
Name and Title

Genuine, well-written, and to-the-point letters are always well-appreciated and received. I hope some of the above templates prove helpful for you.

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