Reference Letter from an Employer

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Reference Letter from an Employer

An employee would require a reference letter from his/her employer to win the confidence of a prospective employer. The article to come will give you a better idea about what to include in this letter along with a sample for your perusal.

One of the most effective ways of understanding and analyzing the potential of a candidate is to know the experience that the previous employer had with the employee. A reference letter, also commonly called recommendation letter, serves the purpose of recommending an employee for a new job that the employee is seeking.

A good letter from the employer can help the employee prove his/her trustworthiness with respect to the qualities mentioned in the job application. These letters are usually drafted by a manager, boss, or supervisor who knows the employee fairly well and is completely acquainted with his/her working pattern.

When is This Letter Used

  • A candidate who is applying for a new job requires the letter as a support.
  • Prospective students are required to submit such a letter while applying for an academic course.
  • A person who has been interviewed and has received the job offer might need to submit it before signing on the dotted line.

Sample Letter

Referrer’s Name
Referrer’s Designation in his organization
Referrer’s Organization’s Address
Referrer’s Official Phone Number
Referrer’s Official Email Address


To Whomsoever it May Concern

It gives me great pleasure to recommend [Employee’s Name] for the job posting in your company. He joined my company as a fresher 6 years ago, and since then, has displayed excellent levels of commitment, respect, and dedication towards his duties.

Recently, he led a team of 10 members of our media house in preparing an important documentary that garnered the attention of various entertainment channels. He has excellent decision-making abilities and has been phenomenal in maintaining the quality of work that our media house is known for. When it comes to handling pressure situations, he has always proven his deftness in managing tough situations. Endowed with good leadership skills and a commitment to excellence, he has always been a hard worker, and is also known to be a soft-spoken and polite person.

The management has always appreciated his behavior, time management skills and etiquette. I firmly believe that he will prove to be an asset for your organization, and his ideas and proactive measures will definitely help your firm.

You can contact me if you have any questions, and I will be glad to help.

Yours Sincerely,

Referrer’s Name

Tips to Consider

A good reference letter is a must in today’s competitive environment. Here are some tips for drafting the same.

  • Keep the format simple. The letter should be typed and must be written in a business-like manner. The official address and other details must be mentioned properly.
  • Mention the association period of the employee with your firm; give the exact number of years/months. This will be appreciated by the future employers.
  • Don’t fake the credentials and achievements of the employee. Remember that it has to do with the reputation of your firm as well.
  • Give examples of projects he/she has successfully handled and some outstanding achievements of the employee.
  • Mention the personality traits of the employee. Describe in brief his/her abilities and potentials.
  • Avoid mentioning inappropriate information, like the employee’s religion, race, age, health, or political views.

The letter should be drafted with extreme care, as small mistakes may lead to the rejection of the candidate. The facts and figures mentioned must be checked, so that there is no discrepancy in them. An employer must ensure that the letter highlights the qualities of the employee in the best possible way, as this will help him/her in finding a new job.

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