Receptionist Cover Letter

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Receptionist Cover Letter

Looking for a receptionist cover letter template? In this article, you will not only find a template, but also tips of writing a convincing letter.


You are marketing yourself as a resource with the help of a cover letter. Write all the important things that can determine your selection, but don’t forget about brevity.

A cover letter is basically a business letter which you attach to your resume, to make the ‘package’ look better. A cover letter should ideally include things you can’t mention in your resume. For example, your preferred date of joining. If you have a lot of experience, you can sum it all up in the cover letter. For example, five years of experience in back office with 3 years of experience in handling front desk operations. The jobs that come under these years, can be found in your resume. You can also write your genuine intention of applying for this job. Let’s look at a sample.

Receptionist Cover Letter Format

Proper Receptionist Cover Letter Template
Your Name
Your Address
Contact Details: 1) Phone
2) E-mail

Name of Organization
Address of Organization

Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs.

[1st Paragraph]: Mention why you are writing this letter, how you learned about the organization or this position (whether through a job opening in the newspaper, etc.), and add some basic information about yourself.

For Example: I, (Your Name) would like to apply for the post of a Receptionist as advertised by you on (Date) in the (Name of the Newspaper).

[2nd Paragraph]: In this paragraph, you need to mention why you want to take up this opportunity and how you are suited for this position. Talk a little bit about your previous experience and also how you are willing to make this shift now. Mention how hiring you can be beneficial for the employer. Talk about all the necessary enclosures you have made. Your resume, copies of experience letters, and certificates even.

For Example – I would really like to take up this opportunity that your reputed company is offering at the moment. I have worked for 6 years in the same position and have fulfilled all my duties on time and with quality work. I am sure, that if hired, I can work to the best of my capabilities. Hiring my services, I assure, will be very beneficial for your company.

[3rd Paragraph]: In this last paragraph, mention that meeting personally would be a great option for both. You would really like to know more about the company and the employer can know more about your way of working. Request for an interview or meeting and also mention you will get back on your own. Last but not the least, thank him/her for his/her consideration.

For Example – I really request you to schedule an interview as soon it is possible for you. We can get to know much more about each other’s way of work and I’m sure this will prove beneficial for both. I shall get back to you personally after a week. Thank you for your consideration and time.

Yours Sincerely,


Your Name


Now that you have seen this sample, you can write some of the best cover letters for yourself. Writing this letter isn’t as difficult as it seemed, is it?

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