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Radiology Tech Salary

Radiology Tech Salary
A radiology tech is short for a radiology technician - a medical professional working with technical equipment in the radiology department. This article aims at explaining the job profile and salary range of a radiology tech.
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Radiology technicians, who are also known as radiographers, are mainly responsible for taking X-rays and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans. Over the years, the salary range has seen a growing trend due to the increase in demand for the skills of these medical professionals. The health care industry is growing at a fast pace, especially in Asian nations, which has largely contributed to the establishment of more and more hospitals and medical jobs.

Job Description
  • Radiology technicians make use of technologically-advanced instruments and equipment for producing scans.
  • They help the patient get into a right position for the X-rays, as it is necessary to obtain clear and effective results.
  • Once the scans are produced, they analyze and interpret these scans to find out the exact nature of the problem.
  • They use their training knowledge to arrive at fast conclusions and detect any abnormality in the body parts.
  • They help detect cancers and broken bones with the help of proper scans.
  • This job is challenging and may require one to work long work. Thus, these technicians have to be physically and mentally fit to deal with these challenges.
  • They also have to preserve medical records of patients for future reference.
  • A radiology tech needs the right kind of training from a well-known institute.
  • The courses imparting education are generally between one to four years.
  • To be eligible, you have to be high school graduate or have any equivalent qualification.
  • The training is quite intensive, and hence, efforts are needed on every front to learn the course contents well. Apart from classroom sessions, practical training is imparted as well.
  • The salary largely depends on their several years of practical experience, educational qualifications, skills, type of employer, and location of job.
  • Technicians working for well-known clinics and hospitals will certainly make more money than those working for smaller hospitals.
  • The salaries for these professionals in the urban areas and large cities are higher than in the outskirts of the city.
  • According to statistics, the salary range is between USD 35,000 to USD 90,000.
  • The average salary is around USD 60,000.
  • Good communication skills, interpersonal skills, sound basic knowledge of their field, dedication, and hardworking nature are some qualities, which make a successful radiology technician.
If you think that you can satisfy the above requirements, then you will be able to explore the ample career opportunities in this field. All the best for your career!