Radiology Technician Salary

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Radiology Technician Salary

Radiologist technician salary range is comparatively more than other allied medical professions. This article acquaints you with the radiologist technician payscale, the job description and educational requirements of the same.

Technological advancements and the need for effective medical services, have given rise to allied medical health services. Nowadays, many people aspiring for medical jobs are preferring to work for allied health services, which not only have high pay scales, but also have excellent career opportunities. Some of the widely pursued allied health professions are in the field of occupational therapy, bioengineering, medical assistance, emergency services and physical health-care services, etc. The job of a radiologist technician is one such highly preferred and high paying job.

A radiologist technician is one who uses different technological applications and X-rays, to find and diagnose diseases and illnesses in the human body. Although this is the core job of the radiologist technician, there are many other duties and responsibilities involved in the job. Here is some information on the job description, educational requirements and average salary of a radiologist technician.

Radiologist Technician Job Description

The job of a radiologist technician entails several tasks and duties. These ranges from developing X-ray film to planning his work and managing the administration of his department.

  • Radiologist technicians are also known as X-ray technicians. Therefore, the foremost duty of a radiologist technician is to prepare and develop X-ray film in consultation with the concerned doctor.
  • Further, the radiologist technicians need to track the disease properly and communicate the same to the doctor.
  • Apart from the aforementioned work, they must be able to communicate with the patients, give them an overview of the entire procedure and make sure that, before entering the lab, the patient is prepared for the tests or X-rays.
  • Maintenance and proper care of the lab equipment also forms an important part of the radiologist job description.
  • Preserving medical records of patients received from the doctors, preparing X-ray reports and coordinating with technicians from other departments also come within the purview of the radiologist’s responsibilities.
  • He also needs to manage day-to-day schedule, accounts and prepare purchase orders for necessary equipment in the lab.

Radiologist Technician Educational Requirements

The job of a radiologist technician is highly specialized and therefore demands proper training for the same. All the training programs and standards are governed by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). There are many institutes that impart training on radiology and offer four-years associate degree programs and one-year certificate programs. Most freshmen opt for associate degree programs, the reason being, preference among employers, higher pay packages and job opportunities as trainers, administrators and supervisors. However, nurses and health-care professionals holding some experience in the medical industry, go for the one-year certificate training in radiology.

Average Salary of a Radiologist Technician

According to the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT), the highest 5 percent of radiologists earn around $90000 per year, while the lowest 5 percent get about $30000 annually. However the average salary of the radiologist technician is somewhere around $58000-$60000. Although qualification plays a major role in deciding your salary, experience still matters more than anything else. The more experienced you are, the more you get paid. With the increase in demand for improved health-care services and the number of hospitals and high-tech clinics opening today, the career opportunities for radiologists are excellent. Who knows, along with increase in the number of hospital jobs, pay packages might also increase.

Aspirants willing to pursue a career in this field must understand that radiologist technicians can gain work experience and further enhance the quality of life. With increase in work experience, it is easier to negotiate on salaries and even apply for jobs in reputed health-care centers. So for all those who wish to enjoy a career in radiology, this was a short write-up about the radiologist technician salary range, job description and educational requirements. Remember, knowledge, sincerity, performance and experience are the four pillars for a successful career. I hope the above information would strengthen your determination to pursue a career as a radiologist technician.

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