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Radiologist Assistant Salary

Radiologist Assistant Salary
If you are planning for a career as a radiologist assistant then this article will be a helpful read. An overview of radiologist assistant salary is provided in this article to give you an idea about the earning potential in this field.
Omkar Phatak
Diagnosing the exact medical condition of any patient would be hardly possible without medical imaging techniques. Running a differential diagnosis, to ascertain the exact health problem that is affecting a patient is detective work of an esoteric kind. The evidence required for such an investigation is provided by the radiologists. Radiologist assistants carry out this medical job of collecting evidence through various imaging techniques. If you explore radiologist assistant careers, then it is one viable option to consider.
Job Description
A radiologist assistant, as the designation suggests, plays a subsidiary role under a radiologist and assists in advanced medical diagnostic techniques. The duties of a radiologist assistant are wide ranging. They are charged with patient care before and after a medical imaging procedure. They may explain the procedure to patients in detail. They carry out many non-invasive imaging tasks and radiology procedures under the supervision of the radiologist MD. They may also help in the evaluation of imaging procedure results, but the final reports are created by a radiologist.
They assist radiologists in most of the non-invasive and invasive procedures and help creating detailed reports. They may also conduct radiology exams under the direct supervision of a physician. Radiologist assistants are an integral part of the radiology team and act as a bridge between patients and radiologists. Carrying out the advanced imaging procedures require thorough knowledge of the machinery as well as basic knowledge of anatomy and medicine.
Education Requirements
How can you become a radiologist assistant? To become one, a candidate needs a bachelor's degree in radiology or other health care related fields of study. Following the bachelor degree, one must enroll for a two year intensive master's course. It is called the 'Radiologist Assistant' course. To become a certified radiologist assistant, one must pass the examination conducted by American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT), after completion of the master's course.
The course curriculum is aimed at grounding the candidate well in radiology basics. It also includes a clinical internship which gives the candidates hands on experience in the field. Many universities in the United States of America conduct the Radiologist Assistant courses.
Average Salary
When evaluating salary ranges for jobs, the factors that need to be taken into consideration are level of expertise needed for the job and demand in the job market. The average salary of a radiologist assistant depends on many factors including place of work, experience and nature of work. Probably the most important factor is experience. Radiologists have an important job to carry out and future diagnosis of a patient's condition depends on how well they do their job. The demand for certified radiologist assistants is only going to be on the rise in future. Currently, the salary of a radiology assistant looks quite promising. Here is a table summarizing the ranges, according to experience level of candidates.
Starting Salary $80,000 - $90,000
Average Salary $100,000
Highest Salary $110,000
Due to the very specialized nature of their job, radiologist assistants are paid quite handsomely. In fact, they are some of the best paid professionals in the radiology field. The market surveys reveal that average salary of a radiologist assistant is about $100,000. This is only slightly lower than that of a radiologist. However, depending on location of work and level of experience, it can vary substantially around this average value. A starting radiologist assistant can expect an annual salary of around $80,000 to $90,000.
Those with substantial experience under their belt have been known to earn up to or more than $110,000 in a year. The highest paid radiologist assistants are those working in private hospitals, followed by those working in government hospitals and lastly, those working in non-governmental organizations.
The projected average salary is certainly quite high, compared to those of a radiologist. More than the high remuneration, there is immense satisfaction in playing a large role in accurate diagnosis of various ailments.