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Purchasing Manager Job Description

Purchasing Manager Job Description

The main aspect of a purchasing manager job description is to balance cost of products with the quality of services received from them. Some more detailed information is given in the article below.
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There are many positions in the administration field, and the job of a purchasing manager is one of them. He is a professional who is mainly an expert in material management and price negotiations. His main duty is to buy goods and products for the company he is providing services in. His aim is to buy quality products at the best possible price for saving the administrative costs of the facility of employment. These professionals can be employed in various companies, such as retailing, medical care, government agencies, educational institutions, etc. The purchasing manager job description is given in detail in the paragraphs below.

Duties and Responsibilities
  • He has to keep a track of the quality of products and services, brands, and the ongoing price of those goods. This helps in determining the best source for acquiring goods for his employer.
  • He has to communicate with the product suppliers to carry out the purchase.
  • He has to keep a detailed record of the inventory of goods stored with the company for its use.
  • He also checks the available products in the inventory and deals in the procedures of faulty product replacement from the supplier.
  • He has to meet with the sales and marketing executives of the product manufacturing firm to understand about any new products available in the market.
  • He carries out a detailed market research and survey to find what quality products are available and what prices are appropriate to be paid for the buy.
  • He also discusses with the company management, regarding the budget estimates of the purchasing section.
  • With permission from the management, he may even generate and incorporate policies and procedures pertaining to procurement and cost control.
  • He has to record the goods and services offered, ordered, and obtained. If he comes to know that there is a surplus stock accumulated in the company inventory, he needs to take the necessary steps to dispose it off without affecting the cost.
  • Since this work is for an administrative purpose, he should have good management skills, market researching tactics, negotiation skills, communication skills, and marketing capabilities.
  • He also needs to be good in calculations, product management, manpower handling, etc.
  • Financial management skills are very essential.
  • If you are thinking of a career in this field, you will need to have a degree in marketing or business management.
  • Profitable decision-making is a very important requirement that is needed in this field.
Salary Range

This profession attracts a respectable amount of salary per annum. As in any other administrative field, the salary primarily counts on the level of experience and expertise. Another factor that has an impact on the salary is the location, facility, and company of employment. Those possessing one to four years of experience may get a salary of around USD 40,000 to USD 65,000 per annum. Those with five to nine years of experience, may receive an annual pay of approximately USD 51,000 to USD 87,000. In state-wise salary distribution, the highest paid, with a pay range of USD 59,000 to USD 128,000 per year, are from New York, followed by California, with a pay range of USD 67,000 to USD 108,000 per annum.

This was some general information on what purchasing managers do. After reading this article, I hope that you might have got some helpful information about their work profile, requirements, and salary.