Public Relations Manager Salary

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Public Relations Manager Salary

A PR manager has a lot to take on if he / she were to enter this lucrative and competitive job designation. Learn more about the inside workings of the PR salary structure that have been drawn up as of this year 2012.

Organizations hire a PR manager to maintain and further a company’s reach in terms of its products or services. Sometimes PR professionals are called in to give the company a facelift and promote a new look and concept to rein in consumers. It is a cutthroat profession, but a very promising one no doubt. A PR manager is just one person in the pyramid of employees that fill in the various slots as part of this profession.

PR Manager Salary As of 2012

A PR manager has to keep an eye on social and economic trends to excel in his job profile, which mainly entails enhancing the company’s image and reputation. Sometimes companies hire outside PR help to gain a different perspective of what their individual marketing strategies can do for the company. Whether it a person, company or franchise, PR plays a vital role in spreading the good word.

PR Manager Salary
$70,000 – $90,700

Over the years PR has been making a slow crawl upwards on the ladder of success, where 2012 looks hopeful for PR employees. What is important as part of the salary structure, is how much experience you have in terms of work and academics, and what your client base holds. When companies hire, they’re looking for the big guns.

Salaries in most professions are affected by factors like job location, requirements, and employer type, where the PR manager salary draw-up is no different. The job profile involves knowing how to manage extensive interactions with the general public and media, therefore people with good orator skills are much-needed. The range in salary fluctuates depending on years of work experience and level of expertise academically.

What Does a PR Manager Do?

A public relations (PR) manager works with the sales and advertisement team, ensuring that the company is always catering to the needs of its audiences, with a bright future in pulling in more consumers. They play an important role in any market situation and are the gatekeepers of an organization’s image. Large companies, ranging from manufacturing units to service providers, need a PR manager to keep them ahead of the competition. Coordinating with the finance and creative department, along with marketing divisions, are a vital part of the job profile.

Public relations are not just about building brand equity but also about damage control. For example, if the company’s brand garners negative publicity, the PR manager has to work out a strategy to control the situation. Stepping up to the plate and knowing how save the company’s face, or to provide a way to cushion the fall, is what PR managers are all about. You’ll need to have excellent written and verbal communication skills, attend press conferences and keep the media up-to-date on how well the company has progressed, or how well it has risen from the ashes should it face a crisis – these are just some of the responsibilities.

Individuals with excellent interpersonal skills along with an ability to understand and capitalize on socio-economic trends, are expected to do well in this profession.

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