Promotion Recommendation Letter Sample

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Promotion Recommendation Letter Sample

A corporate style must be followed while writing a letter that recommends someone for promotion. The article below provides you with a promotion recommendation letter sample.

Promotions are definitely necessary for career progress. Remaining at the same position for a long period of time breeds stagnancy. Thus, you need to step to a higher a level for your personal as well as professional growth. In the corporate sector, maintaining a good rapport with the higher authority proves beneficial when you seek a promotion or if you are eager to change your designation. Although your skills and performance play a significant role in your professional growth, getting a promotion becomes easier when you are recommended by your boss or any other higher authority.

Offering a Letter of Recommendation for Promotion

Note: This section is dedicated to the person who will be offering the letter of recommendation to his employee.

You must know the capabilities of the concerned individual before offering a recommendation letter for his promotion. You should verify whether he deserves the promotion or the position should be owned by someone else. Since this responsibility is within your confines, you must cross check his performance and skills to avoid any discrepancies in the future. The letter is addressed to the senior level delegates, like the Chief Executive Officer, Head of the Department, the Coordinating Head, etc. The points that must be explicit in the letter are:

  • The post to which he will be promoted.
  • The present designation of the employee.
  • His work profile, responsibilities, and code of conduct.
  • The qualities exhibited by him that makes him eligible for promotion.
  • Use ‘to whomsoever it may concern’ only if you’re not aware of the person’s designation and gender or else, you can address him directly.
Promotion Recommendation Letter Sample

To whomsoever it may concern,

I, Steve Muller, am extremely delighted to recommend Margaret Jones for the position of Executive Team Leader of the training department in our organization. As the senior head of the management and training group, I have known Margaret for more than three years down the line, and I feel she is the most deserving candidate for this honorable position.

Margaret was absorbed as a management trainee in our organization in the year 2008 and she has excelled amongst all her team members. She has displayed excellent communication skills and has worked with utmost dedication throughout her tenure. Her first promotion was made within a year and at present, her designation is that of a team leader. Being highly enthusiastic, committed, and sincere, her efforts have proven beneficial for the growth of our organization. Employees working in her team are immensely satisfied with the kind of training and guidance they have received from her. I strongly speak in her favor after considering all the potential she has.

Furthermore, I also believe that the job of an Executive Team Leader entails a great deal of responsibility and challenge to meet the target of our organization. Since Margaret has worked in a challenging environment and has never failed to complete her work within the stipulated deadlines, it’s my pleasure to recommend her to this esteemed position.

I would be highly obliged if you consider my fervent appeal for promotion of Margaret. You can get in touch with me if any queries regarding her job profile, background and allied matters are required to be provided. My contact number, 00000000 and e-mail ID is

Most sincerely,
Steve Muller,
Senior Head of Management & Training,
Volvox Private Limited,
New Jersey.

I hope the above has provided you the right guidance for writing a promotion recommendation letter. Your justifications for promoting the concerned individual should be clear and concrete. You must also possess all the relevant data regarding her performance so that you can furnish them immediately, if needed.

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