Project Manager Resume Sample

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Project Manager Resume Sample

This article shares some insights on project manager resume sample that can guide you in creating one of your own.

Be it real estate, IT, or the medical industry, a project manager is a must in every field. Earlier, this designation was assigned to people in the engineering field. But that is not the case any more. Today, in almost every field, companies and organizations need people who can execute different programs effectively. So a project manager has to have a skills set relevant to his industry and job profile. This article provides you with a project manager resume sample that can help you draft one of your own. To make your resume effective, it is important to highlight your strong points as per the industry standards and requirements so that you can attract better job openings. You must also have some unique writing skills so that your CV stands out in a crowd.


As I mentioned earlier, you must possess industry relevant skills and should highlight them in your resume to appear as a well deserved and well accomplished candidate for the job. Given below are some of the important things that your resume must do for you:

  • A resume should highlight your achievements.
  • It must showcase your knowledge and skills component.
  • It should indicate your ability to learn fast.
  • It should highlight all your industry-related key skills.
  • It should also highlight your experience and success.
  • It should indicate to your involvement in the field related activities.
  • It also must express your passion for the field.
  • It should make you look like a perfectly suitable candidate for the job.
  • Lastly, it should tempt the employer to call you for the interview.

But before you write all this, it is important to know the role of this post. Though they are industry specific, some of the common duties and responsibilities are:

  • Contributing in planning various projects of the company
  • Supervising the project activities
  • Organizing meetings, running meetings, informing about meetings, preparing meeting minutes, etc.
  • Understanding the business process, basic revenue models of the company
  • Understanding the budget allotted to different projects and completing the project in a given time frame
  • Managing human resource and recruiting people for the project
  • Constantly keeping in touch with the suppliers, clients, investors, and staff members
  • In short, planning and executing the project within a budget in a stipulated period

From the above responsibilities it is clear that a project manager must have good communication, analyzing, and leadership skills along with competent management abilities. And any project manager resume sample should highlight these qualities that can help you get better job opportunities.


Personal Information: An effective resume always starts with a personal information in brief. So, first write your name, address, and a few contact details including e mail ID and cell phone number.

Career Objectives: One of the professional ways to start your resume is starting with your career objectives. It gives an employer a brief idea about how much you can contribute to the company and what are your dreams and goals regarding the job. There are many effective ways you can write your objective statements. Given below is one of the examples.

A highly experienced project manager with comprehensive strategic planning and execution skills seeking a position as a project manager where these skills will add similar or greater value.

Key Skills and Competencies: Here, you must enlist all your strong and positive industry related skills.

Work Experience: This an important part if you are an experienced person. In this column, you must mention all the details of your previous job or jobs including your job profile, name of the company, how many years you worked there, reason for leaving the company, and your contribution to the previous company.

Educational Background: If you are a fresherman, it is going to be an important part of your resume. You must provide all the details of your academic achievements including the year of passing and name of the university. You should also mention about your research or seminar paper if it was relevant to the industry or if it highlights any of your industry relevant skills and qualities. You must also mention about your internship program, including the tasks and responsibilities you handled and name of the organization you worked with. It is advisable to make a chart of your academic history, as an employer can get all the information in a single glance. If you are an experienced person, then you may not have to stress so much on your educational records unless it is exceptionally good.

Enclosure: (Attach all the degree passing certificates and previous work experience documents)


David Crawford
7 Alwyn Residence,
200 K Street,
New York.

Career Objective: Driven by perfection, a result oriented leader with excellent communication skills with three years experience in project management aspires to be a project manager and contribute to the company with the best of the key performing skills.

Key Skills and Competencies:

  • An experienced team leader with ability to handle multi disciplinary projects.
  • Exceptional planning, prioritizing, organizing, and execution skills.
  • Excellent business communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Have extensive industry knowledge along with great networking in the same.
  • Critical thinking with good negotiating, influencing, and delegating skills.
  • Open to learn new things and a fast learner with high stress tolerance levels.

Work Experience:

  • Worked with Simpson Real Estate for last three years.
  • Defined the project scope, financial plan, and its goals for all the projects of the company.
  • Identified the resource requirements, organized the human resource, assigned responsibilities and coordinated with staff members to complete the project successfully.
  • Prepared reports and maintained the documents regarding the progress of the project and communicated the same with superiors.
  • Traced and resolved critical issues related to man power and the project to minimize risk factors.
  • Communicated efficiently and intensively with staff, superiors, clients, sub contractors and vendors to establish effective working relationship.

Educational Background:

  • Bachelor’s degree in technical Discipline from New York University, 2003.
  • Postgraduate degree in project management from New York University, 2005.
  • MBA with honors from New York University, 2006.

Enclosures: Copies of degree certificate and work experience letter.

I hope the above sample was resourceful for you. You can personalize the above template as per your needs and requirements. For example, if you were looking for an IT sample, then just add some IT related skills and expertise in the above format. If you want to draft a technical resume, add technical skills to the above template and your resume is ready! Now, you are ready to get hold of the best job profiles in the country. All the best!

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