Project Manager Duties and Responsibilities

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Project Manager Duties and Responsibilities

Project manager’s duties and responsibilities are closely related to each other. The terms go hand in hand with a fine line of distinction. A project manager’s role in the growth of a company is a significant one. Find in this article a detailed information on the duties and responsibilities of the project manager.

Project management concept

A manager is best known as a person who manages the five M’s of a business. He undertakes the task of handling men, material, machine, money and motivating the resources put to task. A project manager is responsible for ensuring that the task gets completed on time, along with sending the delivery to the customer and seeking its approval.

The duties and responsibilities of a project manager are related to each other. Their interdependency makes the role of a project manager in a company a very challenging one. Although both the terms go hand in hand but, there are certain areas of differentiation.

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A project manager’s role in the growth of a company is a very important one. The company largely progresses with this managerial abilities. His job largely includes understanding of human resource policies, financial policies, regulations and allocation and his project related skills. Simply put, a project manager is responsible for the completion of the task, right from its conception to completion. The following article discusses the difference between duties and responsibilities of a project manager and how crucial the two are for the progress of the company.

Difference Between Duty and Responsibility

Duties and responsibilities are closely interlinked with one another. However, there is a fine line dividing the two. Duty can be defined as a moral commitment to for doing something. Whereas, a responsibility is an action which stems out of one’s will. The connection between the two is that one is responsible for the actions in the both the cases. All duties may not be responsibilities, but all responsibilities are duties. For example, it is a manager’s duty to manage the task, but it is not his responsibility to pay for someone’s mistake. Thus the duties and responsibilities of a project manager have to be well laid out and understood at the onset.Those aspiring to be project managers have to learn to be on an eternal vigil, develop a vision, take proactive decisions and understand the diversity in training and dealing with people. Project management is a discipline of planning, organizing and managing a specific task and bring about its completion with excellence.

Project Manager Duties

project manager duty
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  • It is the manager’s duty to supervise and coordinate all the activities.
  • A manager has to see to it, that the task is performed to the fullest of the efficiency.
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  • A manager has to plan out an organizational structure to bring out ease and flow in the task.
  • He must suggest new policies and modifications in order to reform the nature of work.
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  • He ought to develop good relations with his colleagues and motivate them to do well by appreciating their good performances.
  • It is his primary duty to participate in meetings, discussions, project site visits, workshops and hearings.
  • A manager has to prepare bids and proposals for the prospective clients to expand business operations.
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  • A manager should provide full information to the accounts departments and auditors and assist them in case of difficulty.
  • He must determine the resources required for the purpose of production.
  • He must keep preparing status reports and presenting them to the higher managing authorities for scrutinizing.

Project Manager Responsibilities

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  • A project manager has to deliver the performance with better success rates.
  •  He is responsible for keeping in touch with the clients who have assigned the project to his company and make them aware of the status of the work finished.
  •  He should be able to lead his team and bring out the best in them.
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  • A project manager is also responsible for developing a good dialog and communication with the team members to create a healthy work environment.
  •  It is his responsibility to perform efficiently and honestly.
  •  By the virtue of being a manager, he has to maintain confidentiality.
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  • He is responsible for establishing easy communication between the employees and the higher authority.
  • In case of emergency, he should be able to solve problems for his team members
  • He is responsible for good team building, which is defined by success.
  • He is responsible for accomplishing project objectives and the outcome (success or failure) of the project.
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Companies can take the help of several project management software to establish an effective management. A project manager’s role in a project varies with the nature of the project. He needs to mend his ways and methods to suit the requirement. The main responsibilities of a project manager are motivation and to provide encouragement to his team members. He is the main source of motivation for them, which is the base of any successful project. Leadership responsibilities of a project manager give the employees a direction, accelerating the pace of work. For a responsibility so big, a project manager has to undergo formal training and acquire hands-on experience.

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