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Programmer Analyst Salary

Programmer Analyst Salary
What does a programmer analyst do? How much does he earn? If you want answers to these questions, then this article on programmer analyst earnings will prove to be useful for you. In this article, we shall also discuss the programmer analyst job description, which will clear most of your doubts regarding this profession. So, keep reading to know more...
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The advancement of information technology sector has created many lucrative I.T. jobs which are really well-paying. The job of a programmer analyst is one of these highly paid and prestigious jobs. Before we learn more about the salary range of a programmer analyst, let us first acquaint ourselves with the duties and responsibilities of the same.
Job Description
Software development is the main aspect of the programmer analyst's job description. Programmer analysts search for information on software performance and conduct research on it. They also have the challenge of improving performance and efficiency of the software. After studying the application systems in detail, programmer analysts suggest quality changes in the application systems, which are very useful for the organization for which they work. Programmer analysts work in teams to develop reports for suggesting designs for network system. In a company, programmer analysts are also involved with the tasks related to application programming. They also plan strategies to modify the operating interrelationships between various computer operating systems and business applications.
In order to become a programmer analyst, you should have relevant qualifications in the software field. A bachelor's degree in computer science from a renowned university can be a perfect way of entering this field. A master's or doctorate in the same will help you grab the best jobs in the market. For a programmer analyst, a deep and complete knowledge of the programming languages such as Oracle, SQL, Java and .NET are required. Good communication and interpersonal skills, computer knowledge, eagerness to learn new technologies and ability to work in a team, are the qualities which can make you a successful programmer analyst.
Salary Details
The programmer analyst average salary largely depends on their skills, number of years of practical experience, educational qualifications, kind of employer and location of job. Programmer analysts working for top-notch information technology (I.T.) organizations earn far more than those working for small companies. The salaries for those working in large cities such as California and New York are high as compared to that earned at other places. As per the view of job market experts, the average salary of a programmer analyst is around USD 70,000 per year. Generally, most of the programmer analysts earn salaries between USD 47,000 to USD 72,000 per year. The average salary for senior programmer analysts is around USD 75,000 per year.
Programmer analysts, working in the information technology sector earn maximum salaries, as per recent salary surveys. Apart from information technology, financial services, health care and insurance are the sectors where programmer analysts can earn a handsome salary. The salaries for programmer analysts working in financial services sector can be in the range of USD 47,000 to USD 65,000 per year. Programmer analyst salary for those employed in the health care sector can be between USD 45,000 to USD 62,000 per year, while that for those in the insurance sector can be around USD 58,000 per year.
From the programmer analyst earnings, job description and educational qualifications, we conclude that this is a challenging yet financially rewarding field for youngsters, with the right educational qualification. For becoming a programmer analyst, you should start by taking efforts in high school itself, by concentrating on subjects such as computers, mathematics, language and science. So, be dedicated and concentrate on your studies for a bright future in the I.T. industry!