Professional Organizer Salary

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Professional Organizer Salary

The salary of a professional organizer is usually calculated on a per hour basis and hence per annum, it may seem low. In spite of that, this career is increasing in demand, nowadays. Read on, to know more on professional organizer salary and becoming one…

A professional organizer is an expert who is responsible for aiding corporate and commercial clients in organizing space, time, events, finances, and also projects. If you have the habit of organizing and coordinating, and are efficiently capable to suggest resolutions which would meet the requirements of people, you can be successful as a professional organizer.

Duties of Professional Organizers

The primary responsibility of professional organizers is to recommend to his client, permanent solutions to situations which may just seem impossible. By assessing a client’s style and standards of living, these professionals can effectively customize his corporate as well as personal life, blending the two seamlessly. The client’s requirements can be many and different, such as time management, event planning, physical organization, home adjustments, etc. A professional organizer has solutions for every problem that clients need to fix.

Professional organizers direct and coordinate work, right from office filing systems and medical records to family budget planning and arranging bedroom wardrobes. If there is a corporate requirement, these experts assist businesses to gain control over time and space, lessen stress, and increase productivity by rendering information and ideas, and using comprehensive organizational systems. When it comes to space management, some professional home organizers may even provide suggestions in home improvement.

While few professional organizers manage, handle, oversee, and organize just about anything, others have a specific niche in a particular area. Those who have a particular niche generally, prefer an area that is relevant to the field in which they have worked before, and hence have wide expertise and experience. For instance, one who has formerly provided services in banking may specialize in devising financial management, like bill paying or retirement planning. Some other specialties are home or office organization, wardrobe storage designing and arranging, resettlement management, records and filing systems management, memorabilia devising, and most significantly, time and space management.

Professional Organizer Salary

The salary that these experts receive depends on several aspects; such as educational qualifications, level of expertise, work experience, specialization, kinds of services provided, market demand for it, reputation, and location. Those who provide quality services are likely to earn a considerable amount of salary. Due to the earning potential of this business, there are many people who want to become professional organizers or start a related business.

Newbies may start with an hourly fee of $14-$60 per hour, whereas those with 10-19 and 20+ years of experience can get in ranges of $24-$44 and $18-$58 respectively. The most preferred individuals in this trade are those who have 5-9 years of experience and these lucky ones can demand as high as $145 per hour.

On hourly basis (national statistics), self-employed individuals in this area business can get salary between $20-$60 and those who are hired by the companies can get $11-$50. The salary mainly depends on the reputation and the quality of work provided.

The median salary of professional organizers is around $48,000 per annum. These individuals with 1-4 years of experience can earn between $21,000-$50,929. More experienced ones with 5-9 years of experience can claim salary in range of $37,340-$50,868 and someone with 10-19 years of experience in this area of work can draw salary between $41,271-$76,302.

If the information provided is not enough to encourage an ambitious person like you, then know that a highly effective professional who can fine-tune himself or herself to anticipate and identify his client’s ‘needs‘ and gear himself on every occasion to fulfill them along with or whenever possible, his ‘wants‘, is going to be in demand and last longer. This class of professionals, in every sector, quote their price and get it without arguments or hiccups.

Basic Requirements for Becoming a Professional Organizer

The primary requirements for becoming a professional organizer is good business communication skills and efficient organizing abilities. For getting into this field, you yourself have to be living an organized life and should have the habit of doing things consistently and precisely. It is better to specialize in the field you are best in. However, you need to be ready for the mental and physical pressure that is involved in this job. You also need to choose which will be your area of operation: residential or commercial. You are also required to understand the basics of arranging and organizing, analyzing the situation, managing time and space efficaciously, and client psychology and safety.

A professional organizer’s salary is also subject to criteria like competence, capability, and character as well as a high level of skillfulness. Hopefully, by reading the above article you should have got a basic idea of what professional organizers are and what role they play.

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