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Preschool Teacher Salary

Preschool Teacher Salary

The job of a preschool teacher involves tasks that focus on bringing about overall development of kids. The preschool teacher salary ranges from $30,000 - $35,000. Experience plays an important role in determining the salary figure. Let us understand more about this job through the following paragraphs...
Shashank Nakate
The job of a preschool teacher is to work with children in the age group of 3-5 years. These teachers have an important job at hands since they handle kids at their tender age, and in their formative years. On an average, a preschool teacher can earn anything between $30,000 - $35,000 on a yearly basis. Experience is the key to earn more in this field of teaching. Initially, the salary is less and goes on increasing with experience. Let us obtain more information about the job of a preschool teacher through this article.

Preschool Teacher - Educational Requirements & Duties

To become a preschool teacher, a degree (Associate or Bachelor's) in early childhood education proves to be useful. The preschool teacher requirements for eligibility differ from state to state. Having a Child Development Associate (CDA) certification is, therefore, amongst the important preschool teacher requirements. These preschool teacher qualifications should make it easier to get a job.

Teaching children from the age group of 3-5 years is a challenging task. The core of a preschool teacher's job involves the use of games, songs and other interesting activities in order to allow kids to learn in a care-free manner; it helps in enjoying the learning process. Individual needs of children have to be addressed along with working in groups. Storytelling is also an important activity involved in the teaching process for students of this age group. Fun activities like storytelling, games, etc., help in building vocabulary. After all the learning (i.e. absorbing what is taught), children also need to express themselves. Preschool teachers keep the kids busy by encouraging them to paint, build structures and solve simple math problems.

Preschool teachers, along with the basic job of teaching, also have to undertake some administrative tasks. Preparation of lessons and planning the curriculum are amongst important tasks falling in this section. Communicating the progress of school kids to their parents is one of the important jobs assigned to these teachers; as is supervising the activities of a classroom and guiding children in the same. All the above-mentioned skills form an important part of the preschool teacher job description; having these skills should make you a good teacher.

Preschool Teacher - Salary

The salary of preschool teachers changes from state to state. It is, however, experience that counts the most. The following article should present an overview of the job of preschool teachers and information about how much they earn.

Importance of Experience
Experience is the key to work efficiently and more responsibly in the field of teaching. The salary of preschool teachers increases with the amount of experience they gain in this field. The data presented below should help us understand how does experience play an important role in determining the salary of preschool teachers.

The salary of preschool teachers goes on increasing with experience. In the first 5 years of a teaching job, the salary earned is around $22,000. The annual income that one can expect after 5 years of experience is $27,000 - $28,000. The experience of 5-9 years allows preschool teachers to earn around $33,000 annually. For experience ranging from 10-20 years, the average salary is $40,000. Those teachers who have worked more than 20 years in this field should expect an annual salary of $47,000 - $48,000.

The list of average annual salary for preschool teachers in some of the cities of USA is presented below.
  • New York ($51,221)
  • Chicago, IL ($40,834)
  • Miami, FL ($39,408)
  • Dallas, TX ($38,022)
  • Phoenix, AZ ($35,739)
  • Orlando, FL ($35,338)
  • Houston, TX ($34,683)
  • Atlanta, GA ($32,330)
  • Charlotte, NC ($32,133)
The above-mentioned figures are subject to vary and change from time-to-time.

The important facts pertaining to preschool teacher salary and job description are dealt in this article. The salary of these teachers is subject to change from state to state. As stated in the paragraphs above, experience is an important factor in determining the salary of preschool teachers. It is only with a high level of interest in teaching & caring for children and dedication that one can make it big in this profession.