Podiatrist Salary 2017

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Podiatrist Salary 2017

A career as a podiatrist can be both interesting as well as lucrative. This article will inform you about the podiatrist salary for the year 2017.

Did you know ?

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average median hourly wage of a podiatrist is USD 60.1

The United States of America boasts of a robust health care industry. There are many benefits of making a career in the health care sector. Thus the competition to achieve success in this field is fierce. Therefore, students not only need to assess their areas of interest, but also know about the fields that are flourishing. One such career is that of a podiatrist. There are fewer experts in this field as compared to other health care practices and hence it needs people with adequate knowledge and expertise.

Their salary is higher than several other medical employees because of the huge demand for podiatrists in almost all parts of the country. The salary for these professionals largely depends on the years of experience, institute from where they study and their employers. Those working for reputed hospitals will naturally earn more. Salaries are also higher in locations such as New York, Texas, and Washington.

*All figures are mentioned in USD and for the year 2017.


A podiatrist’s salary

The average salary of podiatrist working in United State is about USD 120,700.

One of the highest paying job in US

According to Forbes, Podiatrists are among the top 20 Highest paid professional in US.

Dream Land For Podiatrist

St. Louis, Missouri is a candy land for Podiatrists as it is the highest paying market with an estimated salary of around USD 231,000

Did you know ?

A qualified podiatrist can also work as a senior professor at a medical school, which is also a highly rewarding career.

Rules and Responsibility

What Do podiatrists Do

Also referred to as Doctors of Podiatric Medicine (DPMs), podiatrists help diagnose and cure disorders, diseases, and injuries of the foot, ankle, and lower leg. The diseases/disorders attended to are ingrown toenails, bunions, heel spurs, arch problems, corn, calluses, ankle and foot injuries, deformities, as well as diabetes-related complaints of the foot.

To treat the above issues, they prescribe drug therapy, physical therapy, and/or even perform surgery. For foot deformities, they fit corrective shoe inserts called prosthetic, prepare casts (plaster) for the foot, and suggest the use of strapping.

Although most podiatrists opt to practice unaccompanied, many are going in for group practices with others from the same field. Among them, some specialize in performing surgeries some contribute to public health some to primary care and others to orthopedics. Besides that podiatrists are also seen contributing to other specializations, such as pediatrics, geriatrics, sports medicine, dermatology, radiology, or diabetic foot care.


How To Become A Podiatrist

For becoming a podiatrist, you need to attend at least 3 years of undergraduate school, 4 years of medical school and a minimum of 2 years of internship and residency (which is also a surgical residency) based on the specialization you have selected. You could also opt to join a school that offers a combined undergraduate and medical school program―for a period of 6 years instead of 8.

Students opting for medicine should complete their undergraduate studies in subjects like math, physics, chemistry, and biology; they could also opt for social sciences and humanities. You can choose a variety of fellowship options after you have completed medical school and further enhance your specialization.
From this content on podiatrist salary, it is clear that this is a very high paying career. For bright and confident candidates, achieving success in this field would not be difficult, as there are not many people working as podiatrists as compared to the other kinds of doctors.

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