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Jobs in Aviation

Jobs in Aviation

If working within the aviation industry sounds appealing to you, then there are many different options available that present alternatives to working for traditional legacy carriers. This industry is indeed changing and so are the job opportunities. So, keeping your eyes open and looking in the right place will help you navigate through this exciting and ever-changing industry.
CareerStint Staff
Tired of spending hours on end every day, trying to look for the perfect job in the aviation industry? Do you feel that your career in this field is currently at a standstill? If you are looking forward to becoming an airline pilot, then you probably will have already noticed that the news is brimming over with information about the job situation within the industry. Unfortunately, the media has only managed to portray a tiny part of this situation. Yes, pilot jobs are indeed available, but you have to broaden your horizons and look for unconventional ways of finding the right one for yourself.

A short while ago, bankruptcy announcements made by international carriers like Delta Airlines and Northwest sent shivers through the whole industry, as further bankruptcy filings were expected and job cuts loomed overhead. Yes, times are not good, and many airlines have to face rising costs in terms of legacy costs and jet fuel. All this coupled with inefficient management have managed to collapse some of the biggest names in the airline industry. On the brighter side, all is not so bleak within the industry and today, there are many new and interesting jobs being created for the opportunity seekers. Knowing where to go and what to do can pose as a challenge, but finding that perfect job can be gratifying and rewarding experience.

How and Where to Begin?

Here are some options for aviation jobs that might be of interest to you:
  • Discount Carriers: These remain a strong option while legacy carriers all over are struggling to keep up. Discount carriers were formed during a period of deregulation and have gained strength since the 80s. Some examples of discount carriers are: AirTran Airways, Frontier Airlines, Allegiant Air, and JetBlue.
  • Airport Operations: The airport will be staffed by people who manage the operations and facility on behalf of the airport operators. Every airport will have someone to assist in the management of its facilities. Some of the positions available are: marketing, administration, building and grounds maintenance, and customer relations.
  • Private Jet Operators: Business aviation is one segment of the industry that has till date not been understood completely by most people. These companies require their very own staff of dispatchers, flight coordinators, technicians, pilots, administrators, flight attendants, etc. You can go ahead and apply directly with each company.
  • Private Companies: Some companies manage their own flights. Such companies generally have their own in-house flight department that consists of pilots, maintenance technicians, flight attendants, administrators, flight support personnel, and more.
Beginning Your Career
  • Many of the regional carriers are now providing pilot jobs for thousands of people. As far as salary is concerned, wages can be very low for such professionals, but with regional carriers, the opportunities that arise for flying are very good.
  • Charter carriers have also proved to be a reasonably good source for jobs. These operators include airlines like North American, World Airways, and Miami Air. There have been many times when pilot job openings have been posted directly on the concerned airline's website.
  • Then you have a whole host of start-up airlines that are in the process of employing or have recently hired. On the other hand, discount carriers have always offered the right opportunities. Most of them have all lusted jobs in the future or are planning of doing so very shortly. The salary offered in such carriers are generally lower than those in legacy carriers, but jobs are surely available.
  • When looking for a pilot job, apart from contacting each company directly, there are a couple of useful websites that are jam packed with helpful information regarding opportunities in the industry. The Internet is loaded with sites and information, so get online at the earliest to find the best possible prospects.
  • Finally, for those of you who are looking for job opportunities beyond the United States, opportunities exist with carriers in India, Vietnam, the Emirates, China, and many other destinations. So, if you are looking for flight time, then most of these carriers exactly have what you are looking for.
Yes, pilot jobs are indeed available, and with a little bit of sleuthing and some digging around, you'll be able to uncover a whole list of companies that are worth it. As mentioned earlier, this industry is always in a state of confusion, but the smart pilot will be able to work around these problems by staying on top.