Physiotherapist Salary

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Physiotherapist Salary

Working as a physiotherapist can get you an average of US $75,000 annually. However, this figure depends on a variety of factors. Here’s a look into what you can earn on the basis of these factors.

Quick Facts

  • The starting salary of a physiotherapist is around US $50,000 depending upon the person’s educational qualifications, his employer and the state where he is working.
  • A self-employed physiotherapist can earn the maximum amount of money, while federal government jobs and company jobs are the other high paying options.
  • California and Texas are high paying states to work as a physiotherapist.
  • The more qualified a person is in terms of education and experience, more the money he gets offered. Growth opportunities are phenomenal and salary increases with experience.
Physiotherapy, or physical therapy as it is called in U.S.A., over the years has evolved to become a very effective and useful branch of medical health care, which helps in treatment and recovery from various health problems like injuries, strokes and neurological conditions among others.

Physiotherapy is considered a lucrative career option as there is currently a huge demand all over the world for qualified physiotherapists. This demand is slated to grow even more over the years.

The money is also good, which you will realize after taking a look at the various salary ranges mentioned further.

Salary Range

A physiotherapist’s average salary, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS – United States Department of Labor), in the year 2008 was US $74,410.

This is a very high figure emphasizing the fact that physiotherapists earn a good amount of money. The variations in salary range of a physiotherapist, on the basis of different factors are listed below.

Salary Range on Basis of Experience

Years of Experience Salary Range
0 to 1 year $50,900 to $60,736
1 to 4 years $52,600 to $64,157
5 to 9 years $59,100 to $72,500
10 to 19 years $62,800 to $78,000
More than 20 years $63,900 to $80,900

Salary Range on Basis of Employer Type

Employer Type Salary Range
Company $56,600 to $72,300
Non-Profit Organization $53,900 to $69,800
Self Employed $57,700 to $89,000
State or Local Government $58,900 to $74,600
University or College $49,200 to $68,100
Sports Team $63,000 to $73,500
Private Firm $54,600 to $69,000
Hospital $52,800 to $67,500
Federal Government $62,400 to $77,800
On Contract $51,700 to $77,500

Salary Range on Basis of State

State Salary Range
Texas $54,600 to $72,200
California $59,900 to $79,900
New York $52,900 to $67,400
Ohio $55,500 to $69,300
Pennsylvania $54,400 to $69,100
Illinois $58,600 to $72,400
Florida $57,700 to $72,500

Salary Range on Basis of Education

Educational Degree Salary Range
Bachelor of Science, Physical Therapy $52,500 to $65,900
Master of Science, Physical Therapy $55,100 to $70,200
Master of Physical Therapy $56,700 to $70,100
Doctor of Physical Therapy $52,500 to $65,100
PhD, Physical Therapy $51,100 to $62,600

Note: All figures mentioned are in US $

Educational Qualifications
To become a physiotherapist, a person must have a Bachelor of Science degree in physical therapy. This is because a lot of institutes now have made it compulsory to have an undergraduate degree in physical therapy before applying for a master’s program. After attaining the master’s degree, the aspirant must successfully pass the various regional physical therapy examinations, in order to become a registered physiotherapist. Students interested in research, can further complete a PhD in neuroscience, orthopedics or any other related field of study.

Duties of a Physiotherapist
The various duties a physiotherapist needs to perform, form a part of the job description of a physiotherapist. His main job is to treat patients, of all ages, suffering from various physical disabilities arising from aging, illness or injury and those who have undergone medical surgery. A physiotherapist has to evaluate the patient’s physical condition and his physical ability. According to this evaluation, a physiotherapist prepares a treatment plan to help the patient recover from his physical ailment. It is aimed at restoring his mobility by helping him gain back his sense of balance and coordination, strength and flexibility and other motor skills. For this, a physiotherapist has to also adopt different approaches like, therapeutic exercises, stretches, massages, use of hydrotherapy and electrotherapeutic equipment like ultrasonic rays. Physiotherapists also advise patients on health promotion and ways to prevent injury.

A physiotherapist has a lot of options to choose from when it comes to workplace. Health care centers, hospitals, sports club, industries and private practice are the various choices available. A physiotherapist also helps in the treatment of a host of medical conditions, like, joints and orthopedics, neurological and chest conditions, fractures and injuries, obstetrics, abdominal condition and also certain terminal illnesses. A physiotherapist has to suggest a combination of manual exercises and mechanical techniques to treat or help patients recover from their ailments.

A look at the various physiotherapist salary ranges might tempt you to choose this as a career option only for money. However, it requires a lot of study and hard work over a period, before a person becomes a physical therapist and starts earning money.

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