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Physical Therapist Aide Salary

Physical Therapist Aide Salary
There are varied aspects that determine and influence the salary of a physical therapist aide. In this following CareerStint article, we will go into these salary details and explain all the aspects that determine the same.
Rujuta Borkar
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2010, the salary range of a physical therapist aide was $17,270 to $34,670, with an average annual salary of $23,680.

Physical therapist aides (PTA) work under a physical therapist and aid them in all that they do. Sometimes referred to as physical therapy aides as well, this job requires that they be present on duty to make the sessions productive and fruitful.
In this following CareerStint article, we will look a little more closely at the physical therapist aide's salary and understand the varied factors that go into determining the salary, as well as the varied factors that influence these figures.
Average Salary by State
Alabama $40,000
Alaska $30,000
Arizona $33,000
Arkansas $40,000
California $43,000
Colorado $35,000
Connecticut $46,000
Delaware $35,000
Florida $37,000
Georgia $46,000
Hawaii $25,000
Idaho $27,000
Illinois $45,000
Indiana $38,000
Iowa $39,000
Kansas $36,000
Kentucky $34,000
Louisiana $35,000
Maine $35,000
Maryland $41,000
Massachusetts $48,000
Michigan $40,000
Minnesota $35,000
Mississippi $42,000
Missouri $39,000
Montana $35,000
Nebraska $29,000
Nevada $31,000
New Hampshire $39,000
New Jersey $43,000
New Mexico $35,000
New York $48,000
North Carolina $38,000
North Dakota $35,000
Ohio $38,000
Oklahoma $37,000
Oregon $38,000
Pennsylvania $38,000
Rhode Island $36,000
South Carolina $39,000
South Dakota $30,000
Tennessee $37,000
Texas $39,000
Utah $31,000
Vermont $35,000
Virginia $40,000
Washington $41,000
West Virginia $38,000
Wisconsin $36,000
Wyoming $33,000
* Note:
• All figures are as of June 7, 2014 and are calculated in US Dollars.
• These figures are average annual salaries and may vary based on the qualification, experience, location, type of employer, and so on.
Average Salary Range
According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual physical therapist aide salary was $39,430 (USD) (as of May 2012). The hourly figure stood at $18.96 (as of May 2012).
Factors Affecting Salary
The salary figures are influenced by a number of factors that range from the education specialization, the city of employment, the area of hiring, the years of experience, the kind of duties performed, and the education undertaken.
Salary Range According to Industries
The Bureau of Labor Statistics has provided a median annual salary figure (as of May 2013) that was earned by the physical therapy aides in the 5 top paying industries.

The physical therapist aides working in psychiatric and substance abuse hospitals earned an annual average salary of $45,420.

The industry of employment services paid the PTAs an average annual salary of $34,790.

The physical therapist aides hired at elementary and secondary schools earned an average salary of $33,020 per annum.

Home and health care services paid the hired PTAs an average annual salary of $32,600.

Physical therapist aides hired at the residential, intellectual, and developmental disability, and mental health and substance abuse facilities earned an average salary of $31,840 per annum.
Here are some of the important duties that a physical therapist aide will undertake.

• Providing treatment such that patient mobility is improved, there is pain relief achieved, and there is prevention and lessening of disabilities in patients.
• Aiding patients in teaching them to use crutches and other equipment.
• Helping the physical therapist in preparing the therapy equipment.
• Working under the directions of the physician and aiding in providing various mediums of treatment to the patients, which include varied exercises and other therapeutic methods.
• Keeping a check on the progress of the patients and making a record of the same. This helps in determining the mode of treatment that is to be used in the future for maximum impact.

Thus it is seen that the physical therapist aide salary range is determined by several factors. The career opportunities that are provided by this profession are also several and the industries of hire are varied as well.