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Pharmacy Technician Resume

Pharmacy Technician Resume
If you plan to apply for the post of a pharmacy technician, you need a good, detailed resume in your hand. The article below gives you a pharmacy technician resume sample for reference.
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Pharmacy technicians are those medical professionals who work under the supervision of licensed pharmacists. Their major job responsibilities include filing prescription requests for patients, bottling prescriptions, and assisting patients with various procedures. There are a myriad of other job duties that are performed by them on a day-to-day basis. In the following article, you will find a standard format and a sample resume for this designation.

Besides the fact that these daily activities are worth a mention, the resume plays a very important role in forming an impression on the employer, as it indicates the efficiency and professional knowledge of the candidate. The health care industry and the pharmaceutical sector is on a rise, and there are many medical jobs that are in demand, one of the important ones is the pharmacy technician. Out of the huge number of job applications, the first thing that acts as a deciding factor to the hiring manager is the 'resume' of course. One of the crucial tip for this position would be to write an impressive objective on the resume. A pharmacy technician objective should depict your passion towards your profession and a will to learn and enhance your professional skills and knowledge. An example of it presented before you shall give you a better idea of how to draft it yourself.

Resume Cover Letter

Martha Rogers
15 Broadway Street
Illinois 787845

Cell: 789-784-4785

27th October, 2010

Mark Richards
ABC Ltd.
Business Park
Illinois 787115

Dear Mr Richards,

This letter is to express my interest in working with your well established organization as a Pharmacy Technician. I saw an advertisement for the same in the NY Times and would therefore like to submit my resume for the same position.

With an extensive experience of 4 years as a Pharmacy Technician and the required qualifications, I am sure I can only learn more about the nuances of this job position with a new opportunity, and I'd also most definitely make the best use of my existing professional skills.

I was delighted to see your listing, and I'm looking forward to be called for an interview and meeting you in person to prove that I could be the best of candidate for the required position.

Appreciate your time to consider my application.

Yours Sincerely,
Martha Rogers


Resume Sample
Martha Rogers
15 Broadway Street
Illinois 787845
Cell: 789-784-4785

Career Objective
To make the best use of my professional skills and experience in a well established medical center where I also get the opportunity to enhance my knowledge-base by understanding further nuances of this profession.

Professional Skills
  • Extensive knowledge of medications and medical terminologies
  • Broad understanding of all areas of pharmaceutical operations
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Thorough knowledge on medication preparation
  • Data entry and good computer knowledge
Professional Experience
Pharmacy Technician, ABC General Hospital, Chicago, IL, 2005-Present
  • Maintaining records on computer of prescriptions and drug interactions
  • Preparing compounding medications
  • Maintaining computer records for drug inventory
  • Labeling and prepackaging of medications
  • Maintaining patient records
  • Explaining pharmaceutical procedures to patients undertaking any tests
XYZ Health Care Center, Chicago, IL, 2003-2005
  • Data entry of prescription orders and payments
  • Preparing and bottling medications
  • Final checks on filled prescriptions
  • Maintaining patient records
  • Receiving and recording prescription orders on computers
  • Maintaining cleanliness in labs and supervising general cleanliness at the health care center
  • Assisting patients with procedural information
Educational Qualifications
Pharmacy Technician Associates Degree, Boston University, 2002

Certified Pharmacy Technician from the Institute for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians (ExCPT)

A pharmacy technician is fairly well-paid, and the compensation increases with experience. This is one of the best jobs in the medical sector and making a career in this industry would certainly be fruitful in terms of money as well as stability and job security.
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