Personalize Your Own Leadership Plan and Create the ‘Best You’!

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Personal Leadership Plan

Fed up of being the obedient follower and looking to take charge of yourself and show your potential? This write-up will help you achieve the same.

The important thing to realize while creating a personal leadership plan for yourself is the very fact that there is nothing personal about it. Leadership is called so because you have followers. And it is people you have to lead for making a mark for yourself.

Personal leadership depends on the kind of personality you have and working towards the transformation of the same. It is more of self leadership rather than going for personality development classes.

No doubt the commercially run classes might turn out to be of great help to you because the biggest advantage there is that you have like-minded people pursuing a similar purpose.

The leadership plan that in the following paragraphs also stands true for leadership coaching. Leadership coaching is basically training people in the corporate world those who are in charge of some departments.

Many times, due to lack of a definite plan, people lag behind in certain domains. Seminars or lectures are conducted for the same for these corporates.

An effective leadership plan should ideally consist of these strategies. We are mentioning them as ‘strategies’ here because we are making a plan. Otherwise, the criteria are ones that should be ingrained in one’s personality and which are commonly found in well-known leaders too.

Positive Thinking

Using Scissors Cut Word on Paper

The first and foremost quality that must be ingrained in your plan is positive thinking. This quality is the most prominent in a good leader in any situation.

Leaders are not necessarily supposed to have solutions for each and everything but people look up to them because they can be trusted, and surely they do not expect any gloomy outlook out of a leader.


Teamwork in action

Being a part of the team means to listen and get viewpoints from everyone but deciding something out of that is what makes an excellent leader.

Do not be inflexible and stiff. This is also one of the keys that matter in good team leadership. Accepting suggestions is a way of incorporating team spirit and creating a feeling of belongingness and responsibility by way of participative leadership.


choose between two way

Decision-making is closely related to initiative. Not everyone is blessed with this quality and though it is generally not trainable, decision-making can be incorporated thorough study or knowledge of your work sphere.

Setting Goals

drawing goals concept

Setting goals is the next important factor because leadership and management go hand in hand. Deciding an aim for completion of a task not only gives you time for things other than your actual work but also portrays an example to be followed.

Apart from this what goal-setting actually does is increase your efficiency. Yes, it is a fact. When you do not have any goals, you tend to stick around one particular task and no doubt you work towards making the same thing better, but in the due course efficiency gets affected.

Mind Control

Businessman, Jealousy

A proper control on your mind is an essential leadership trait. Having negative feelings like jealousy, favoritism, etc. can be detrimental to your leadership plan. Filter all the negative aspects and work towards rectifying the problem instead of getting worked up.


Two Businesswomen Shaking Hands

Call it people-oriented or relationship-based leadership style, but it is necessary to maintain a bare minimum formal relation like greeting while you come to work or while leaving for the day.

Asking how do you do while you happen to be together during the break time shows that you care for the employees. It is basically about being open and approachable. This is necessary because otherwise you run the risk of being interpreted as not-so-amicable or as not a team player.

Hope this information helps you. Remember that in due course of implementing this plan you do not compromise on your self-worth and self-respect. Maintain a balance between wanting to be a leader and safeguarding your own self from unnecessary harm from others.

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