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Personal Assistant Resume

Personal Assistant Resume

Writing a resume for the post of personal assistant needs nothing but basic resume writing skills. This article shares some insights on the same.
Geeta Dhavale
The resume of a personal assistant needs to be personalized unlike other resumes for standard or routine jobs where the core content remains almost the same. But writing this resume can be challenging, as you have to present your skills and talents as per the industry and individual you wish to assist. For example, the set of key skills and knowledge required to become an assistant of a business executive and a fashion designer has to be different and unique.

Objectives of a Resume
  • A resume should highlight your strengths.
  • It should highlight the industry-relevant key skills, knowledge, and competencies you possess.
  • It should include the aims and goals that you intend to achieve from this job.
  • It should also showcase the rich experience you have in the particular field.
  • Your passion and dedication for the job should be reflected in the resume.
  • In short, the resume should make a potential employer feel that you are the ideal candidate for the position.
These were some of the essential objectives that you must keep in mind while witting your resume.

Personal Assistant's Resume

As mentioned before, a resume of a personal assistant needs to be personalized at every step. First, you have to write the objective statement of the job, in which you need to describe the aims and goals that you want to achieve from the job. These objectives have to be in sync with the stream and individual you wish to serve. The experience section also needs to be carefully written. You must include experience that is relevant to the industry you are applying to get into. For example, if you are applying to assist a businessman, then highlight your experience related to business personnel or organizations, to increase the chances of your resume to be shortlisted. It should also include the list of relevant skills. Taking the same example, skills to will include computer skills, bookkeeping skills, and communication skills. In short, mention all those skills that would be useful for the position you are applying for. Similarly, you have to make sure that every aspect of the resume is applicable to the job you want.

Sample Resume


Career Objective: Successful personal assistant with four years of experience, offering faultless background and references. Seeking for a position where experience, skills, and knowledge could be effectively applied for the development of the self and the organization.

Key Skills
  • Knowledge of MS Office and Bookkeeping software.
  • Knowledge of data entry and record keeping.
  • Efficient in event planning and schedule coordination.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Efficient time management and stress management.

Worked as personal assistant to the CEO of Walkway Enterprises. Performed following tasks:
  • Managing incoming calls and scheduling meetings for the CEO.
  • Assisting CEO with personal errands, such as bank transactions, daily private and professional meetings, etc.
  • Coordinating domestic and international traveling and hotel stays.
  • Entering important data in the computer and managing personal bookkeeping.
Educational Qualification
  • Bachelor of Arts from New York University.
  • Diploma in Personnel Management.

You can add a few more sections on accolades, achievements, and extra curricular activities. You must customize the resume as per the individual you wish to assist.