Performance Review Template

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Performance Review Template

In order to ensure that your performance appraisals are not partial or lopsided, it is a good idea to use a template for a performance review to draft the forms for the process of review in your organization.

One of the most essential features of any organization are the annual reviews. Performance appraisals are extremely important in any organization to provide encouragement to the employees, help in enhancing the performance of the organization as a whole, and also to review the performance of the employees in the year gone by. The entire process of employee performance is generally conducted by their manager or superior along with the human resources department of the company. With the help of reviews, an organization can monitor standards, decide on objectives, and also delegate responsibilities to employees. Appraisals are also important to review salaries and grade employees accordingly. In such a situation it is important to have performance appraisal forms that allow you to objectively review an employee. A template can help you draft a form correctly and accurately.

How to Write a Performance Review

While writing a review it is important that you put forward an honest and truthful point of view about what you think of the employee’s performance. A performance appraisal template ensures that with its segregated sections, carefully worded categories and a need for objective response, you get to evaluate the performance of an employee properly. Most examples will elucidate the importance of weeding out unnecessary details from the appraisal forms. Following a template sheet ensures that the time spent on reviewing employees is reduced considerably. There are two different performance appraisal methods that are generally employed in this process. One where the employee is reviewed by the management and one where the employee performs a self review. Together these methods make up for a complete employee performance evaluation.

It is important that employee performance appraisals are not seen as something to be feared but as something that ensures their performance is improved and also enhances their work productivity. If you need to conduct reviews and appraisals then you can use a template as a guide to draft a performance appraisal form for your own need. Using a template ensures that there is no confusion about what to expect from a performance review form.

Format for Performance Review Forms

Most review forms are divided into different categories depending on the key performance indicators, so as to objectively evaluate an employee’s performance. Every company has a different set of rules in place to determine what the key performance indicators are. The same is true for the performance evaluation template given below.

Performance review template

Name of the Employee:     Designation:   
Supervisor: Area of Work: 
Year of Review:  Review Date: Date of Interim Review (if any): Review End Date:
Position Description:
Incremental Progression:
Training Required:
Leave Plans:
Key Responsibilities and Outcome:
Feedback Section
Barriers or Obstacles:
Key Responsibilities Performance Measures Review
Information about the key responsibilities of the person reviewed. What are the different criteria upon which the performance of the person is being measured. The final review of the person who is reviewing the employee.
Career Development
Learning Objective and POA Timeline Expected Result Review
What does the employee put forward as a part of his learning graph. Expected time to fulfill learning objective. What the employee expects to achieve. At the end of the review process what is the employee’s feedback.

Now that you know how the performance appraisal process works and how you can use a template to draft your own forms and papers, it should not be difficult for you to do the same in order to conduct performance reviews at your organization.

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