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Pediatric Oncologist Salary

Pediatric Oncologist Salary

A pediatric oncologist's salary could depend on many factors. In this article, we'll give you an idea of what to expect from the job profile and also from the paycheck of a pediatric oncologist.
Sujata Iyer
Cancer is one of the most widespread and dangerous diseases that affects people around the world. The ability to fight cancer is something that not everyone who suffers from it has, especially young children. There are medical professionals who make the job a little bit easier for the little ones: pediatric oncologists. In order to become one, one has to complete a basic graduation course; preferably in biochemistry, organic chemistry, molecular biology, human anatomy, genetics, general chemistry, ethics, etc., followed by a degree in medicine from an accredited medical school. After the medical degree, he/she person has to complete a three year residency, specializing in pediatrics.

Along with the experience and training from the pediatric residency, the person also needs to pass an exam that is conducted by the American Medical Association's Medical Board of Pediatrics. After this, in order to specialize in pediatric oncology, he/she has to complete a course (generally a fellowship) in pediatric oncology or hematology. During the three years of this fellowship, he will learn about the treatment of various blood diseases, including cancer. After all this extensive study and training, the person can finally become a practicing pediatric oncologist and earn an average $206,000 annually. The factors that influence the salary amount are what will be discussed in the section below, followed by some statistics on estimated, region wise salaries.

Job Profile

The salary of any professional, especially a medical professional, depends to a great extent on the kind of duties and responsibilities that he or she handles. In the field of medicine, an oncologist is one of the most revered and noble professions. Let us see what this job entails.
  • Oncology deals with the diagnosis, treatment and care of patients suffering from cancer.
  • Pediatric oncology is the field that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer affected babies, children and young adults.
  • The job description of a pediatric oncologist involves the diagnosis, supervision and treatment of children who suffer from cancer.
  • It involves coordinating and supervising the various treatment measures advised to the children and the coaching of trainees in the day-to-day activities and care for the children.
  • Constant communication between the family and the medical unit that is taking care of the child is another aspect that the pediatric oncologist must oversee while performing his other duties.
  • Hence, it is important for him to have immense compassion, patience and sensitivity towards not only the child, but also towards the family of the child, to help it get through the ordeal of fighting the cancer, successfully or unsuccessfully.
Average Salary

As per MOMMD, it was seen that
  • Pediatric oncologists made the most money in the northern states of America.
  • The least was made by the ones in the eastern states.
  • Those in the western and southern states of America took home salaries more close to the average salary mentioned above.
Given below is a list of regions, arranged in the descending order of the amount of annual salaries paid to them as per the data collected in the survey, the mean salary being $205,999.
  • Northern ~ $223,043
  • Southern ~ $209,997
  • Western ~ $204,440
  • Eastern ~ $167,813
Factors Influencing the Salary
  • The salary as mentioned above, can be influenced by many factors. One of the most important factors which plays a major role is the region he works as can be seen by the statistics above.
  • Another aspect that influences the salary amount is the type of organization that he or she works for. A private hospital or specialized institute is more likely to pay the oncologist more money than a government run hospital or institute.
  • The level of skill and experience that a person exhibits also influences the salary that he is paid. An entry level pediatric oncologist makes about $197,000 in a year. This amount can increase upto $257,000 for upto 3 years experience.
That was an overview on how to become a pediatric oncologist and also an estimated average of what his salary could be. The figures given above are subject to change for different regions and economic and other conditions.