Pediatric Anesthesiologist Salary

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Pediatric Anesthesiologist Salary

For a pediatric anesthesiologist, the salary range is similar to that of a normal anesthesiologist. The only difference is in the job profile. Let’s see what it is, along with the average salary.

There isn’t much of a difference between an anesthesiologist and a pediatric anesthesiologist. Both are trained in anesthesia and pre-operative medicine. However, pediatric anesthesiologists undergo at least a year of training in the care of children, infants, and adults under the age of 21. What’s more, they understand, not only the technical but the physiological and emotional differences between the treatment of an adult and a child, which definitely makes them better qualified than general anesthesiologists. They take into consideration the size of equipment and types of treatment carried out in case of children and toddlers. That brings us to talk about the extremely impressive salary figure.

Average Pay Scale

Every salary portal that you visit will rank the job of a pediatric anesthesiologist as one of the highest paying jobs in the US today. The figures vary by experience, hours they devote everyday, the region they’re serving in, and the type of health care facility they choose to practice in. The salary for anesthesiologists dedicated to pediatrics ranges between $275,000 – $400,000, with the ones having an experience of more than 10 years earning the highest. Also, Los Angeles tops all salary figures with respect to geographical regions, with these medical professionals earning somewhere around $300,000 on an annual basis.

State/City Salary (USD)
Los Angeles $300,000
Philadelphia $270,000
Chicago $237,000
Houston $228,000
New York $204,000

While these salary figures are listed in accordance with some of the major medical hubs in the US, the pay scale also depends upon the sub-specialty in which a pediatric anesthesiologist chooses to work. While an anesthesiologist working in pain management makes approximately $275,000 annually, one serving in critical care may fetch around $200,000 on an annual basis. All in all, job opportunities for aspiring pediatric anesthesiologists in the United States of America are 60 percent higher than the ones in any other field in the US.

How to Become One

You must have a rich background in science, especially biology. Most importantly, you need to first complete your bachelor’s degree program, and then apply for internships at local clinics and health care institutions, so that you get a first-hand experience. Once you get your degree in hand, you can take written national admission exams to get admitted into an accredited medical school, where you will get acquainted with organic chemistry, physiology, and disease pathology. This course work will earn you the valuable Doctor of Medicine degree, using which, you can get a job of a pediatric anesthesiologist anywhere you like.

Any pediatric anesthesiologist who wishes to enjoy such an enviable salary ought to have a ready knowledge of the applications of anesthetics in pediatric care. It is highly essential for him or her to know the bits and nuances of physiology, surgery, and pharmacology. From infants to adolescents, it is this expert’s duty to ensure that his patients do not experience pain and terror throughout any treatment.

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