Patient Care Technician Salary

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Patient Care Technician Salary

If you are planning to become a patient care technician (PCT), this article will give you details about the salary range and duties of this particular job profile. It will also provide you with information about the educational requirements for a career in patient care.

Patient care technicians (PCT) are members of a medical team that takes care of patients and they are expected to be available for patient care 24×7. Along with strong interpersonal skills, a patient care technician needs to have an empathetic mind. He is expected to be extremely attentive and responsive to the patients’ needs. He needs to be composed, understanding and prompt at providing quality care to the patients. He needs to have a pedantic approach towards the patients’ needs.

Educational Qualifications

A high school diploma or equivalent is a requisite for being able to work as a patient care technician. Programs in health services with vocational training can definitely help in pursuing a career as a PCT. It is advisable that you attend PCT programs by technical schools or community colleges, as a trained patient care technician is preferred by employers. Also, completion of the program will enable you to undertake the State Certification Examination. After passing the exam you will become a certified patient care technician.

Salary by Experience

Please Note:
  • All figures are as of May 2013, and in US Dollars.

Less than 1 year $18,313 – $39,777
1-4 years $15,866 – $42,644
5-9 years $18,100 – $45,000
10-19 years $23,179 – $37,340
20 years or more $31,862 – $41,986

Source: Payscale

Salary by State

Please Note:
  • All figures are as of March 2013, and in US Dollars.
  • All figures are average annual salaries and may vary according to education, experience, location, and type of employment.
Alabama $39,000
Alaska $32,000
Arizona $33,000
Arkansas $38,000
California $42,000
Colorado $33,000
Connecticut $41,000
Delaware $35,000
Florida $36,000
Georgia $42,000
Hawaii $27,000
Idaho $31,000
Illinois $40,000
Indiana $38,000
Iowa $36,000
Kansas $35,000
Kentucky $33,000
Louisiana $32,000
Maine $34,000
Maryland $38,000
Massachusetts $44,000
Michigan $37,000
Minnesota $34,000
Mississippi $44,000
Missouri $38,000
Montana $39,000
Nebraska $31,000
Nevada $35,000
New Hampshire $37,000
New Jersey $40,000
New Mexico $34,000
New York $45,000
North Carolina $38,000
North Dakota $36,000
Ohio $36,000
Oklahoma $35,000
Oregon $36,000
Pennsylvania $33,000
Rhode Island $38,000
South Carolina $34,000
South Dakota $29,000
Tennessee $36,000
Texas $36,000
Utah $33,000
Vermont $36,000
Virginia $38,000
Washington $36,000
West Virginia $38,000
Wisconsin $33,000
Wyoming $35,000

Source: Indeed

Job Description

A patient care technician works in a variety of health care environments like clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers or even at homes of patients, as per the requirement. He takes care of the physically and mentally ill patients as well as the injured and disabled patients, under the supervision of medical professionals. The duties of a PCT include the following.

  • Assisting doctors and nurses during medical examination and treatment of patients.
  • Setting up the necessary therapeutic equipment and assisting in providing first aid.
  • Recording and monitoring blood pressure, pulse rate, temperature, respiration rate of the patient and updating medical records.
  • Recording, monitoring and reporting patients’ health condition to the medical authorities.
  • Promptly responding to patient’s calls and requests.
  • Serving and feeding meals, when the patients cannot do it themselves.
  • Looking after the personal hygiene of patients by assisting them in bathing, dressing up, etc.
  • Keeping the patient’s room clean, making the bed for patients, etc.
  • Moving or transferring the patient from the bed to the wheelchair or assisting the patient in motion exercises and ambulation.
  • Collecting and testing specimen and even performing phlebotomy.
  • Cleaning and irrigating lacerations.
  • Providing assistance for pelvic examinations.

You can gain experience in specific medical areas and have a specialized job profile by becoming a dialysis patient care technician, ER patient care technician, ICU patient care technician, to name a few. It can be safely concluded that the job of a PCT is rewarding. More than the salary this job offers, it’s the satisfaction that counts.

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