Patent Attorney Salary

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Patent Attorney Salary

Want to contribute to governing intellectual property? You can become a patent attorney! Salary range of this interesting profession in the field of law is extremely impressive, since, law is one of the most lucrative careers one could go in for. Take a look at the following piece of information.

It’s an interesting job to represent clients in obtaining patents, filing an opposition, provide legal advice to investors on patents, and have a strong sense of legal philosophy. To exclude others from making, using, and selling the invention of a person, patent attorneys are responsible for governing intellectual property. They have specialized qualifications in the field of law, bringing which into use, they act in all procedures associated with patent law. They represent their clients in critical processes regarding filing patents, getting the client acquainted with the rules and regulations of the application procedure for patents, and negotiating contracts.

A number of patent attorneys provide legal assistance to individuals and companies that may require copyright protection on a global basis in order to secure their brand mark, and hence, for this reason, many patent attorneys earn exceptionally well. Patent attorneys may either work in large industrial organizations that have a separate patent department, or private firms, where they deal with enforcing and obtaining intellectual property rights. The use, sale, and control of individual assets is of utmost important to any inventor or manufacturer.

Therefore, this noble job profile of a patent attorney makes patenting easy and hassle-free. So, what’s the pay scale of a patent attorney like? The following section provides thorough patent lawyer pay scale information, so that you have yet another reason to get into this interesting field of law.

Average Patent Attorney Pay Scale

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, America, describes the job opportunities for patent attorneys to increase abundantly in the next 5 years or so, given the increasing cases of legal disputes, criminal cases, and complex legal transactions, that make it even more important for a manufacturer to secure their intellectual property. Salary range of patent attorneys is driven by the location of their employer, the type of services they provide, and the number of years of relevant experience they have.

On an average, the annual pay scale of a basic-level patent attorney is between $80,000 – $150,000, where the lower limit represents the base salary, while the upper limit represents the salary after a few years of experience. However, the figures easily cross the $250,000 mark for a patent attorney working in this field of law for more than 10 years. Wages differ with respect to the geographical region too, and hence, to make the job easier, here is a tabular data representing patent attorney salaries in some of the highest-paying states in the United States of America. Check them out.

By Region
State Average Salary (in USD)
Ohio $160,000
Texas $180,000
California $195,000
Illinois $205,000
New York $210,000
Massachusetts $225,000
District of Columbia $240,000

The following table represents salaries of patent attorneys in accordance with the number of years of work experience they have in the field of patent law. Take a look:

By Experience
Years of Experience Average Salary (in USD)
20+ Years $250,000+
10 – 19 Years $215,000
5 – 9 Years $195,000
1 – 4 Years $115,000
Less Than 1 Year $80,000
Note: The above represented salaries are approximate, depend on various factors, and may be subject to change.

Certain as I am, the immensely attractive salary figures of patent attorneys might have enticed you to such an extent that you are wanting to kick-start your career in this field at the earliest. To become a patent attorney, you need to have a bachelor’s degree recognized by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, followed by appearing in the Patent Bar Exam, the result of which will determine the job profile you are going to have. All in all, it can be said that the job of a patent attorney becomes all the more remunerative if the aspirant has the necessary education, and is willing to put in as much hard work as the work demands. Well, the salary they get to take back home is worth all the hard work, aren’t they?

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