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Part-time Jobs for 16 Year Olds: You'll Thank Us for These Ideas

Part-time Jobs for 16 Year Olds
Jobs are much more than just a way to earn some money. Part-time jobs inculcate self-worth, discipline and create a craving for success in teens. To know about various options available for 16 year olds, go through the following article.
Loveleena Rajeev
Last Updated: Feb 20, 2018
A sixteen year old is on a threshold, mostly trying to transcend from being a dependent adolescent to an independent individual. Although not an age where the choice of jobs can mark the beginning of a career, part-time jobs for 16 year olds can play the part in preparing one for a responsible life ahead and making the right choice for further education.
Part-time jobs for 16 year olds are not very difficult to find. Before deciding on a job, one needs to look into a few pointers. Look for jobs that interest you, jobs that will enhance your unique qualities, as well as bring out the dormant ones. While one can join any of the jobs listed below, what cannot be substituted is the discipline, integrity, hard and smart work.
Part-time Summer Jobs for 16 Year Olds
House Cleaning
Most kids help at home with household cleaning chores. Take these skills out to the world and you can definitely earn some extra money. Offer services around the neighborhood or in an old age home where an extra hand is always required. House cleaning would include window cleaning, carpet vacuuming, dusting furniture and curtains, and basic kitchen work.
Along with household cleaning, providing gardening services can also be another excellent option. You could provide your service round the year or during the planting season. Raking, weeding, mowing lawns, pruning, mulching, and watering services can be provided around the year. If you are knowledgeable about growing seasonal flowers and/or vegetables, then help someone set up a flower and/or kitchen garden as well, all for a price.
Gift Wrapping
For the creative ones, gift wrapping can be quite a money-maker, not to mention it could bring loads of fame your way, if you give it your best. Most departmental stores have a gift wrapping section, so one could join there or start working from home. Let people in your neighborhood know about your skills and once you do a good job, you will never be out of work.
Online Data Entry
One can work from home if one has a computer and an Internet connection. There are many online data entry surveys, and information and research jobs available at the click of a mouse. Most of these jobs require basic high school education and give the employee a chance to give up the job at any given time to pursue other things in life.
This is perhaps the most common job a teenager could do. Spread the word around that you are available for babysitting jobs. But before you go out for one, understand what the job entails. It comes with the welfare responsibility of young children. Learn a few magic tricks, arts and craft, tricks to keep children engaged productively, and if you can get them to do their homework as well, you will always be in demand.
One could work as a waiter/waitress at restaurants in and around the neighborhood. A good service will not only help you earn your monthly allowance but also a handsome tip. If you cannot work on a regular basis, make sure you inform the restaurants and catering companies that your services can also be available on a need basis. Hourly allowances are also a good way of earning and one is free to work with more than one caterer or restaurant at a time.
Delivery Jobs
Delivery jobs require young people and the options available are enormous. Newspaper, messages, couriers, food, supplies, medicines, and need based supply companies hire many people on part-time as well as full-time basis.
Summer/Winter Camps
As camps involve a lot of activities, camp organizers look forward to recruiting young energetic people for their camps. If you are good in swimming, basketball, or any other game, that would be an added advantage. People with a good ear can take on the duties of a counselor.
Departmental Stores
If you are a people person and can help others find their way, then a departmental store is where you should head to. Stores need many hands to keep it functioning well. And as a departmental store may have many sections like food, clothes, accessories, cosmetics, perfumes, books, music, etc., one can pick a part-time job and develop one's special interest.
Restaurants, departmental stores, grocery stores and cafes often hire teens for performing duties of a cashier. Teens with strong mathematical and interpersonal skills are good candidates for this part-time job.
Promotional Jobs
This job requires hardworking individuals who are willing to put in that extra effort required for promotion. It is a job that pays well. Payments are made either on hourly or commission basis. For example, if the job requires selling tickets, the payment may depend on the number of tickets sold.
Part-time jobs will help build work ethics and concern towards hard-earned money along with an increased sense of self-worth. Most of the jobs listed above can also be taken up by 14, 15, 17 and 18 year olds!
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