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Requirements for Overseas Trucking Jobs You'd Want to Know About

Overseas Trucking Jobs
Looking for an overseas trucking job! And don't know how to go about it. This post will provide all the information that you need, to find overseas trucking jobs.
Bhavya Verma
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
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Companies and recruiters across many parts of the globe today are in need of competent truck drivers, so you can rest assured that there is no dearth of truck driver jobs in foreign countries. You will find many recruiters advertising overseas truck driver jobs for their company or business and you might want to apply for all of them. However, the wise thing is to first check what are the specific requirements of each of these trucking jobs, and then apply for the ones that suit you the most.
Requirements for Overseas Truck Driver Jobs
Passport and VISA
Passport and visa
The prerequisite for getting any kind of overseas employment is the passport and VISA. Some countries require a work visa while in others, a passport is also sufficient. Usually, if you are looking to live in the foreign country even after finishing your job, then you must apply for temporary residency status. The employer will usually help you in getting this. If it is a matter of few days, then only a passport could suffice.
Driver License
Driver license
The next thing that you need for a truck driver job is a commercial driver's license also known as CDL. Some jobs also require a Reach license. Before applying for a license however, find out how the driving test is conducted and what is required to pass the test. Some tests have a written exam along with a driving test. They may also look for specific skills and qualifications in accordance with the type of trucking job they are recruiting for. Sometimes, language plays a major role too.
Some overseas licenses cost more than those available in US, so be prepared for it.The employing company might also ask for your past experiences and nature of work; and it is in your best interest to tell the truth. Many companies perform a background check, so even if you lie during the interview they will most probably catch you later. Remember, your character is as important as your driving skills.
Another important thing that a recruiter looks for in a truck driver is his ability to carry the cargo over long distances without damaging it.Sometimes, even the smallest amount of damage to the cargo can cost the company dearly.
A contract driver's job pays more. It can be almost double than one can make in the US. Sometimes, there are also tax benefits being given to such truck drivers that agree to work in countries that are at war.
Personal documents
Relocation is also an important aspect when it comes to finding employment overseas. In case you are relocating with your family, relocating expenses are something that you must look out for. Also, don't forget to carry all your personal documents along with you. Your VISA, passports and documents related to credit card and bank accounts become all the more important when you are working in a foreign country.
In case you lose them, duplicating these documents can become a long and tedious task which might even cost you the job.
Also make sure that these documents are in proper condition. In addition to this, you should be strong willed to relocate to some other country.
Truck driver
Today, there is a huge demand for trucking jobs in Africa, Australia, Japan and even some parts of Europe including the United Kingdom and the Middle East. These jobs include forklift, class 2 delivery and even clamp truck jobs. Typical overseas jobs might also include unloading shipments, confirming shipment delivery, connecting and disconnecting trailers and some other menial jobs related to transportation.  So, if you think you can do this and already have some experience of driving trucks, then these trucking jobs might be just the right employment for you. It will not just fetch you good money but will also give you an opportunity to explore other parts of the world.
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