Organizing Sports Events at Work

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Organizing Sports Events at Work

Organizing sports events at work can look like a daunting task, if you are doing it for the first time. Planning a sports day at office, can turn out to be a really fun event that your colleagues will remember for the rest of the year, and will pine for you to recapture the same enthusiasm for the next year’s sports escapade..

It’s a known fact that ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Working with bored employees, brings down productivity, hampers team spirit and negatively impacts productivity. Break this spell of monotony and bring a dash of fun to work, by organizing sports events at work. A sports week or even a day, is a great way of showing employees how much you care. It inculcates a team spirit amongst colleagues, motivates them to perform better. A sportsmen spirit that is built during such events at a workplace, reflects positively through work. A change is all that your employees need, at times, to get back to work with a gusto!

How to Organize a Sport Event at Work


Be it a big sport event or a small fun team game at work, planning is the first step of any activity. To make an event happen, you need to make your employees aware of the idea. Get them interested in this sports day and motivate them to take part in all the activities. Instead of assigning the whole responsibility to one person, make a committee that will look after organizing the whole event. The committee will be responsible for conducting the qualifiers rounds for all the games, arranging for the venue in case you have outdoor sports, getting everyone involved, deciding prizes, forming teams and presiding over meetings that will be required. Ask the committee to write a mail to all the employees informing them about the games, time, venue and date. This way it will be easier to know who is participating.


The most important part of this stage is preparing a budget. The sports committee must have a budget to plan the games, merchandise, rent of the venue and the cost of man-hours that will be spent in hosting this sports day. A budget is essentially a guideline that helps you understand, how big or small the event can actually be.


The committee will have to manage the logistics required to transport the participants to the venue, manpower, arranging for the prizes, finances, managing the catering services if any, feedback forms for everyone to know how the event was and finally chalking out a budget. Along with this, the committee will also have to co-ordinate the preliminary matches. Start at least a month before the actual sports day, to be on the safer side. By starting early you will have ample time on your hand, which will allow you to complete your office work as well.


Once you are through with your planning, preparing and coordinating, it time to execute the draft. Book the venue, get the teams in order and start the games. Finish with the qualifiers and start getting ready for the D-day. Double check your lists and get the cheering crowd ready with posters and slogans, to pump up their favorite teams. Getting the prizes in order, ensuring that the caterers are on time, checking if safety regulations are met at the venue, is a must. Hire a doctor for the day to take care of medical emergencies and make sure everything falls through just as you have planned.

Organizing an event for the first time can be a challenging task, but you’ll only get better with experience. Organizing sports brings out the leadership qualities in certain people and makes a few best players ever. Sports events are the best team building games. They make the corporate culture come alive with gaming strategies, a youthful charm and a winner’s spirit, which are usually eclipsed by pressures of work.

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