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Online Jobs for 14 Year Olds

Online Jobs for 14 Year Olds

Online jobs for 14 year olds provide them the perfect opportunity of earning while learning. Read the article below to know more about the same.
Aastha Dogra
Most teens today like the idea of earning their own pocket money rather than depending upon their parents for everything. However, finding work at that age can be quite a challenge. Firstly, in many states, there are laws, which discourage young children to work. Secondly, a 14-year-old might not be prepared to clear an interview. And lastly, even if he finds a job, he might not have the means to travel to his workplace. This is where online jobs come handy, which can be done from home and require not many skills as such. Here are some interesting online jobs for 14 year olds.


Taking up surveys on the web is one of the easiest jobs. These surveys are conducted by companies or by market researchers on the company's behalf to find out how the products of the company are faring among the end users, i.e., customers. If you search the Internet, you will find plenty of such jobs. All you have to do is to register with them and fill a form. That's it! No interview, no skills, no credit card required. Thereafter, you start filling in the survey forms for them, at your convenience, and get paid in return. It's that easy! However, beware of the survey scams. If a website asks for money in order to give you work, it will most probably be a fraud. So, be very careful, while taking up any such assignments.


This is a great one for teens. If you have good writing skills and can write on a variety of topics that interest teens, such as fashion, sports, travel, dating, etc., you can start your own blog. There are a number of websites, which allow you to register your blog free with them. Choose a catchy name for your blog, plan the format well (take help if necessary), and update it from time to time by adding some interesting content. To make your blog popular, spread its link to as many sites as you can on the Internet. If the traffic to your blog increases, you can expect to get paid by way of advertisements from various sources, such as websites like Google or even companies who advertise their products on the Internet.


For those of you who think that they have the skills to shoot some unique, interesting videos, a good option is to shoot and post them on YouTube. It pays some really good money if the videos are shot well.

Online Selling

If you are good at some craft, such as jewelry making, painting, knitting, creating decorative photo frames, you can consider setting up your store at an auction site on the Internet such as eBay. You can even sell some of your old stuff such as clothes, books and toys, which you no longer use, on these sites. Of course, for getting into the auctions business on the web, you will need a credit card number. A good idea in this case would be to sell your stuff under either of your parent's name.

Data Entry

A simple way is to take up a data entry job. To do this, you need to have fast typing skills. You will be provided with some information, which has to be typed in a database. In most cases, you will be paid assignment wise. Most of them are meant for adults, so even here, you might need to work under your parent's name.

Besides the ones mentioned above, other jobs include:
  • Logo designing
  • Graphic designing
  • Content writing
  • Website designing
Although all these will help you earn some quick bucks, your most important priority at this age should be education. The key lies in decisively making use of these money-making ideas, by devoting not more than three hours per day to work!