Online Jobs for 13-Year Olds

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Online Jobs for 13-Year Olds

With the dynamic nature of the Internet, the number and kind of online jobs that are generated, are always on an increase. However, if you are specifically looking for jobs for 13-year olds, the ones listed in this article might help.

Okay, first things first. If you are a teenager looking for a job, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. There are a lot of companies out there that make promises they don’t intend to keep. So if you decide to take up a job, regardless of its nature, ask your parents to recheck and verify its details. Secondly, depending on the rules of your state/country, check if you’re allowed to work. In some countries, it’s illegal to hire children below the age of 15. Last but not the least, focus on doing something that you enjoy, where you get an opportunity to learn rather than focusing exclusively on money. That said, let’s see what jobs you can take up!

Internet Jobs for 13-Year Olds That Pay Well

Online Surveys

As the name suggests, this job involves conducting and/or writing surveys. Let me tell you how this works. People read reviews about electronic gadgets, movies, restaurants, etc. mostly on the Internet nowadays. These reviews are written after taking into consideration statistics derived from surveys. These surveys are what you are expected to conduct or take up. Some companies even pay you to write these reviews. The nature of this job involves data collection mostly in the form of forms.


Various companies that allow you to host a blog, also pay you for writing on it on a regular basis. When you write something on the Internet, it fetches traffic (visits from users). This traffic gets the blog company (the website) revenue, either directly or through advertisements they host on your blog. Blogs came up as a great way to make money in the last few years. However, it is advised that you write on a subject that interests you, and regularly.


YouTube has evolved into a revenue generation channel for audiovisual content creators. With the help of your parents and friends, you can shoot some amazing videos and host them on YouTube. YouTube works much like the Blogs. The advertisements they play before your video and in between generate revenue for YouTube and the channel owner. The virality of your videos will determine the amount of money you generate. However, to qualify for the YouTube Partner Program, you need to have a large number of followers who have subscribed to your channel.

Video Game Testing

Becoming a video game tester is truly an enjoyable job. Various companies keep coming up with new video games that need to be tested by different age groups, including those who are 13-year olds. You have to basically play the game and report problems that you come across. The companies tell you what exactly they’re looking for and train you accordingly. They also test the difficulty level of the game. If you have already played the current version of any game, you can approach the company to test the next version.

Content Generation

A lot of opportunities exist in the field of content generation; the nature of job being just as diverse. People want content for blogs, as advertising material, articles on various subjects, etc. What you have to do, is develop this content using your flair for writing and creativity.

No matter what job you take up, do check the authentication/certification of the company and ask your parents to do a second check. Do not provide any personal information and do not pay for any services. Take care of all this and there shouldn’t be a problem. Best of Luck!

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