Office Manager Salary

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Office Manager Salary

Planning, handling, and maintaining a balanced work process in the office are the main responsibilities of office managers. This article provides a brief insight into their duties, salary details, and requirements.

The post of an office manager is one of the most important ones in any company, considering the several responsibilities he handles. This is the reason why organizations need to be extra careful while recruiting one, and the preference is always given to the most qualified, experienced, and talented of all the applicants. The salary of these professionals all over the globe is expected to grow, owing to their significant demand. However, before we discuss how much they earn, let us first know more about their job description in the next part.

Job Description

Maintaining official records is one of the most important responsibilities of office managers. They make use of the latest software to maintain updated details, related to the expenses of the company. They ensure that all the departments of the organization, such as sales, marketing accounts, etc. are working efficiently. In case of any problems, they instruct concerned people and give suggestions to overcome them. They need to shoulder the vital responsibility of taking care of office property, equipment, and machinery. In case they fail in this regard, then it might lead to a lot of financial loss to the firm.

They also play an important role in the process of recruiting new employees for the company. Their duties also involve training new employees to increase their productivity at work. They also set rules and guidelines for all the workers to make sure that there is discipline and decorum at the workplace. Thus, all in all, their duties and responsibilities are very important for the financial stability of the organization.

Besides this, they frequently attend meetings with the board of directors and senior management of the company. They report about all the ongoing activities in the office, and suggest what changes should be made in the policies for better results. By making use of the relevant software, they perform the accounting work in many organizations.

Salary Details

Their salary range largely depends on their educational qualifications, experience, job location, type of employer, and skills. In order to become a professional office manager and earn well, you need to complete a graduate degree in Management, Finance, Marketing, or Sales. A postgraduate degree with other certifications can prove to be useful to grab the best career opportunities in the market. Good communication and interpersonal skills, confidence, ability to take calculated risks, decision-making abilities, and team building skills are also essential; these factors also influence the pay scales of these professionals to a considerable extent.

The salaries of those working in large, multinational organizations are quite high as compared to those working in smaller firms. Those working in big cities such as New York earn higher than those working in the smaller ones. Their median salary is around USD 70,000 per year. However, the annual average salary of these professionals works out to around USD 44,000. At the time of joining, the ones with not much experience can earn around USD 30,000 to USD 35,000 annually. Those having seven to ten years of experience can command a salary over USD 55,000 per year.

Thus, the career prospects for office managers are brilliant, with plenty of advancement opportunities. If you aspire to be at that position in the future, better start exploring career options in it.

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