Office Assistant Cover Letter

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Office Assistant Cover Letter

While job posting, a cover letter can play a crucial role in compelling the employer to read your resume. Find in this article, a sample of office assistant cover letter, that will help you to create an impressive cover letter.

An office assistant may have varied roles and duties depending on the type of set up he or she is working in. An office assistant, as the designation suggests, assists senior office managers in office management and coordinating tasks of employees. He may sort mails, update attendance sheet, coordinate and maintain administrative tasks like scheduling meetings, appointments and arranging travel facilities for staff. Though, office assistant job description duties may appear to be simple, he is one employee in the office who is required in almost every work, in some or the other ways. Owing to a large number of start ups and entrepreneurial ventures, office assistants jobs have been in demand. If you have some work experience as an office assistant, it will be easier for you to get a job in the industry.

Cover Letter Writing Tips

While applying for a job, we usually forward our resumes to employers via email or post. In the event of any such step, it is essential to send a cover letter along with the resume. Before your resume, it is the cover letter that will be seen and that is why it must be written with utmost care. A poorly written cover letter may demotivate your employer from even reading your resume. Writing effective office assistant cover letter will help you to get a call for interview. Follow these tips to write an effective cover letter and increase your chances of receiving a call from your employer.

  • It may seem useless to write a cover letter when you are sending the resume. But it is a mark of professionalism and courtesy, if you are sending a cover letter, requesting them to give you a chance for interview.
  • Don’t write an autobiography in the cover letter. 3 to 4 paragraphs with two to three sentences in each, stating your request will suffice. Hiring managers have to go through hundreds of resume in one go, so don’t make it complex. Keep it simple and brief.
  • Addressing the cover letter to the concerned authority is essential. It will show that you have an eye for detail.
  • Use simple fonts and stick to it. Don’t change font size to highlight any word. The letter should be strictly simple.
  • Avoid formatting and grammatical errors.
  • Proofread the letter before finalizing.

Sample Cover Letter Example for an Office Assistant with Work Experience

Kolin May
353, Broadway Road
Cell no: 888-8888-12
Email Id:


Mr. Francois June
HR Manager
AZ Technologies
Drum street

Subject: Application for the post of an office assistant

Dear Mr. Francois June,

I am writing this letter in response to your advertisement published in the employment newspaper (name of the newspaper), on (date), for the position of an office assistant. I have considered this job opening as a great opportunity to further explore my career in the field of office administration.

I am a hardworking, focused and well-organized individual who values virtue of time management and discipline, both of which are vital to perform in the office administration work. I also have a diploma degree in office administration work with one year of work experience in the concerned field. I had to leave my previous job as an office assistant owing to some personal reasons.

I love challenges in the office administration work and meeting new people. I will consider myself lucky, if I’m able to use my hard work and office management skills to do complete justice to the concerned designation. I have mentioned my address and contact number at the top of the letter. Enclosed with letter is a copy of my resume for more details you want to know about me. Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

(Kolin May)

Hopefully, after going through the above cover letter example, you must have got sufficient idea as how to write an office assistant cover letter. After the hiring manager reads your cover letter, he may find you suitable for the job and you will get an interview call. Ensure that you prove yourself equally competent in the interview as you have described yourself in the cover letter and your resume.

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