Obtaining A+ Certification

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Obtaining A+ Certification

Competency in the application of Information Technology is the need of the hour, within every industry. The A+ certification is awarded in recognition of this competency. As an aspiring computer repair technician, it is very important to consider the upgrade.

Obtaining A+ Certification is upgrading in the application of Information Technology to any field. The certification is vendor neutral and involves a dedicated understanding of the Internet technology at hand. It is awarded after the completion of two levels, designed in the form of tests. Other than the two tests, it also includes passing the ‘essentials’ exam and any one of the three ‘electives’. The whole idea is to understand specific operating systems like Linux and get equipped for periodical upgrades.

A+ Certification is the creative genius of Comp TIA, a non-profit organization. Comp TIA specific information is easily accessible online as well as offline. The certification is very popular and highly regarded in the computing industry. It enables and equips candidates to appear for and clear a number of other Comp TIA certificate examinations. Though, appearing for the exam is not a prerequisite. The other exams that it equips you to handle include Network+, Server+ and Linux+. Comp TIA also awards certification in Security+ and iNet+.

A+ Certification is the only industry certification. It is primarily based on effective PC repair and maintenance techniques. It demands knowledge in varied areas of Information Technology application. It involves knowing the computer inside out. The student must be competent enough to successfully and confidently open a computer and identify the parts, prior to re-assembly. It equips enterprising minds to not only know the computer and it’s working, but also the application of various operating systems.

The eligibility criteria includes:

  • Approximately 500 hours of hands-on work experience
  • Knowledge of application on operating systems and computer hardware
  • Knowledge of the versatility and application of system files and configuration of hardware and software like anti virus, anti spy, and back up
  • Ability to handle troubleshooting and computer networking problems

There are a number of preliminary courses and dedicated study material that can be sourced online as well as offline, to successfully earn the A+ Certification. It is very important to keep the basic materials close at hand while studying for the exam. These include:

  • Your own personal computer, equipped with Microsoft Windows XP or 2000
  • Anti Static Wrist Strap
  • Head and Flat head screwdriver

A detailed list of essentials to be kept close at hand while pursuing the A+ Certification is also available online. The exam has been periodically upgraded and updated, to re-structure the exam to fulfill the demand for better-informed computer personnel who know how to build a computer.

The result of regular reviews has been amply reflected in the setting of an average pass rate between 3 % and 10% and the redesigned of a 30% pass rate. The A+ Essential exam, three elective exams, IT and Remote Support Technician for online-back up exams and that of Depot Technician are all professionally put together by the best heads in the industry. The order of the exams could be a personal choice and this feature adds to the versatility and flexibility of the Comp TIA A+ Certification.

The cost involved for appearing and securing the A+ Certification is at USD 168 for each test, and subject to change. A number of schools offer the Career Tech program that enables access to additional information on the certification. There are also many Job search sites like Job+ that offer similar assistance. An A+ voucher is also available for half the price. Today, a number of IT companies are developing an in-house program that offers training for affiliation.

Exam specifics include:

  • Comp TIA A+ Essentials-100 questions, Elective-90 questions
  • Passing score for Comp TIA A+ Essentials-675, Electives-700

The 8 basic domains that you need to be proficient in the use and application are:

  • Personal computer components
  • Laptop and portable devices
  • Operating systems
  • Printers and scanners
  • Networking components
  • Security
  • Safety and environmental issues
  • Communication and work place ethics and professionalism

The A+ Certification is designed to display the student’s proficiency in the use and application of computing technology. The advent of Internet access has made it very necessary for aspirants in this field to get certified and recognized for specialty applications like computer safety and computer security.

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